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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am whispering this post ...
I am afraid if I say it out loud it will all change ...
The BOY ... the Hell Pest ... the one I haven't been enjoying ...
He has turned the corner!
He is human!
He still has his moments, he still spits up a few times a day.
He still requires being rocked to sleep.
BUT ...
He is sleeping so well!
He is NOT crying near like he was!
He is smiling a lot!
FINALLY at 8.5 months he is giggling.
That is the best sound ever ... I never thought I would hear him laugh!
But yep he is ... he is giggling, and he is too too cute!
Thank God he is so cute or I wouldn't have gotten to see this part of him! hahah
Please keep praying for us ... I hope this post doesn't bite me in the ass!
PS he has been doing better for about 3 weeks ... I was scared to write about it before now! haha!


Anonymous said...

yay!!!!! i'm SO HAPPY that he's finally doing so well.

wonderful news! :)

(fingers crossed he'll continue this streak!).

love you & miss you terribly.

p.s. can you try to get video of tatum talking? her voice is so sweet & i'm sure she's saying all kinds of things now! :)

The Partins said...

YAY! Yea, I still have to rock Jamie to sleep... last week, she finally lets me rock her to almost asleep and then lay her down. Kids.... sheesh!

LCP said...

wooo hoo...did the chiropractor help or do you think it is just a change in the times!

Lisa Dunham said...

I am so glad things or turning around!!!

chicago bachelorette party said...
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