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Thursday, October 30, 2008


It has been a week since I posted and for that I am sorry! I hate it when I go to someones blog and they haven't updated it. Serious that is one of my biggest pet peeves - matter of fact I just removed 3 people from my blog roll for lack of updates! I PROMISE I will TRY to do better! (please notice the TRY)

This week has really been hard on me ... the babies haven't slept in 2 nights. Yes I said BABIES - Tatum who usually sleeps 7pm - 7am hasn't been sleeping either and if I am not rocking and holding her then I am trying to calm Bowden down so he doesn't wake her. It is a vicious cycle. Last night Bowden didn't go down until 10 and then he was up at 1:30, 4 and 6:30. I am not sure what happened to him because he was sleeping from 8 - 3 then 3 - 8.

Besides the lack of sleep we are having major problems at work.
WE ARE BUSY, which is more than most construction companies can say, but it is because we have cut all our prices, we have tried to stay in the bids by being cheaper and we will get the job. We haven't made a "profit" on the last 12 jobs we preformed, but we are busy and we haven't laid ANYONE off. However now the owners of companies are all trying to penny pinch so we are suffering - they are handing out back charges like you would believe and where we used to scratch a back and they would scratch ours, we are now getting charges for that. We are hurting for cash and not making any "extra" money or loosing money on a job is very hard. On top of all that my dad has started to have heart "scares" (all related to work).Several times a day at work I have to remind him to breath and slow down. He has mentioned bankruptcy and how he would commit suicide before he ever did that. So I am on edge trying to watch him, watch our money, and watch all the spending, and bids. It is a handful ... that on top of not sleeping, I am very edgy and I have to say that my husband is paying for it!

So are the kids.

Last Friday one of our guys broke his leg on the job. Which resulted in a 3 hour surgery - he will never be 100%. He is out of work for at least 6 months. Hello Workers' Comp bills and never mind the up in rate we will have once he is done!

As if all of that wasn't enough we also had ANOTHER HUGE OOPS ... every year we go on a fishing trip. This year is our 15th (6th with me) and it is our way of telling the guys thanks. Every year we go deep sea fishing it is a 12 hour trip and so very fun. We also have a Turkey Day dinner on Wednesday before Turkey Day and pay all the guys from lunch on Wednesday until Friday afternoon but do not let them work at all! Christmas we have a LARGE party that my hubby caters, along with Christmas bonuses for EVERY Employee! Last year some of them got over $2000. (yes they still bitched) This year we are only able to do the Fishing and a small Turkey Day and Christmas Party. No Bonuses. We told the guys not to expect ANY EXTRA money from us - they are all freaking out!So the Huge Oops ... the lady from fishing called my dad to ask when we were going - we always go end October beginning November - he told her the 8th of November. Well if you read

Robin's Blog you would know that the 8th is the evening that

Play at USC. Columbia is only 4 hours from me, Matt (Robin's Hubby) is covering the game from their news station. We (me and Andy) got us tickets and we were going to meet Robin and Matt at the game, and stay in the hotel with them ... well my friends ... my calendar said the game was the 15th. It isn't it is the 8th and guess when we are fishing - yep the 8th. Now we called the fishing co. to reschedule - we can't go the following week - they are booked, that is the last weekend of the season. So we couldn't go again until January. Now I can choose not to go on the trip, but I am a Owner of this company, named the VP ... what kind of message would that be sending my guys?! So you see hell of a week I have had!

It sucks ...

But you know what doesn't suck - my babies! I love them ... even when they don't sleep! I love my Husband he rocks, he is wonderful! He would do ANYTHING for me! I love him with all my heart, mostly because he can put up with me and when he sees I am down he always says
"keep it up honey you are doing a GREAT job!"

So on a good note - check out my babies!

Tatum went to a Birthday Party at the Fire Station.
She rode in the fire truck 2 times - had a blast!

My Little Man!

They wore their costumes to school yesterday!
My little Lady Bug!

It's getting cold outside!
Check out her little hat!

Bowden had a play date last Friday with 3 girls ... haha

He is my All Star!


junglemama said...

Your kids are beautiful! I hope you get some sleep this weekend with the time change. :)

The Partins said...

Sorry about all the crap you are having to deal with at work on top of now sleep! Independently - those two would suck - together... SHEESH! I'm thinking about your poor dad too.

And you are right, your kids are PRECIOUS and wonderful and so cute! And way to go hubby for helping to keep you up! :-)

Anthony said...

Beautiful children. You have to get them some Phillies hats! World Champs!

That bonus sounds sweet. I wouldn't have complained. Last year I got $500 (minus taxes) and no free meals.
Sadly, a lot of people over-spend at Xmas figuring on the big bonus (Re: Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation") but I've learned that you can't spend what you don't have.

The Smith Family said...

It seems like everything happens at once! Sorry for all of the stress you are having right now. Hopefully the kids will sleep better for you this weekend so you can get some rest also.

As for the game and fishing, that would be a tough decision for me but I know what my husband would do (if it were Ohio State) he'd say he'd go to the game and I could go fishing! He wouldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the game.

Your kids are beautiful! Love the pictures. I like seeing picture updates!

Chris said...

I can't get over how much the kids look alike! SOrry to hear that about the fishing trip! I hope everything goes ok!! I'm going to meet Robin that weekend too. She's going to meet us for breakfast on the way home Sunday! TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT! SO funny that Lindsay and Tatum are the same thing for Halloween this year. Love your costume...we got ours last year on clearance at Old Navy!!

Dawn said...

I'm sorry about all the troubles at work. It sure is tough times for everyone. I hope things pick up soon. You are right about the babies feeling it from you - stress is easily carried over, so try to relax and that may help get everyone back on their schedule.

Dawn said...

And how cute are the kids??? I love the pictures!

Andrea said...

Love the pic of you and your baby girl!

That is a tough call with the fishing trip/football game. I'd have to go with the game. Tell your employees the truth- if its mostly men then they would understand!

I too have been slacking on my blog... as you know-its hard with two young kids!

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for checking in on me - you are SO SWEET! Like you, life is getting busier and I'm finding less and less time to blog, unfortunately. But, I'm in no way giving up. I'm sure work will get boring again and I'll be back but I'm honestly digging a to-do list again. Take care Kim!

Louisa Claire said...

Love the pics, and you are looking Great! Sorry about all the crap though!! Good to hear from you :)