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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I have my post ready about my weekend and the Gan*g ... does anyone know how to password protect this one post?
If I can't do that I am not sure if I can post it?! I am a little skitish to get the HA mad at me!


Anthony said...

You can go to the "Permissions" tab under the "Settings" menu and restrict the blog to only people you choose, but you have to invite them. It's a little like a club.

Otherwise, I don't think you can password protect the blog.

LCP said...

You can't just password protect one has to be the entire blog or nothing. Wordpress allows it, but not blogger.

Hope things are well

junglemama said...

I am asked the same thing. I appears tobe not possible right now. Maybe blogger will come up with it.

Dawn said...

You could post it and then delete it the next day LOL!!