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Monday, October 06, 2008

Pictures and Burnt Leg

I am working on the post about the Gang and the H*ells A~ngels I wanted to write it all up and take it all in before just throwing it out here ... so that blog may be posted tomorrow - until then ...

A Burnt Leg
Friday we got on the bike - It is a Indian ... now I did not know ANYTHING thing about a Indian - until we got out and started riding. People everywhere we went were gawking over this bike! It was a really cool feeling - so I came home and started to research it - They were the first American Bikes EVER!!! They started to make motorcycles in the early 1900's and most were made when the war was winding down to give the "men" things to do and to race. You can check it all out on their web site! Anyway it was fun to see all the "Harley" riders checking "US" out because we were on it ... and all along I thought they were so much better than "us!" haha
The one we were riding (it belongs to Andy's Dad, and that is another story in it's self, he doesn't ride, he and 2 other men all got cancer at the same time. They were all life long friends, Mr Freddy ... it was his bike, did not survive his. When he passed his wife thought it only right to offer it to my FIL, he bought it for what Mr Freddy bought it for in 2000. Only 100 or so were made and it is a "special" bike in so many more ways that just that there are only 100)it is the 2000 Millennium edition Indian.

Okay back to the story - sorry about that
(that is why I am taking my time on the other story) haha
Well we met up with our friend Aaron and April -

They were at a local bar eating - so we rode there and met up with them. When we got there it was not very crowded, actually much less crowded than what I was expecting. Andy is pretty good at driving it, but has not had ANY practice with me on it with him ... this was actually our first ride together ... I was nervous to say the least! So we get to the bar, hang out and all is well ... they say they are leaving to go to The B*eaver Bar ... it is a bar that one of my best girl friends family owns! Aaron asks Andy if he has ever had to park where it was CROWDED ... NO he said. So we decide it would be best to pay to park and to avoid the mass of bikes -

When I had my bike I wouldn't ride during bike week because

I was afraid to park in this Sea of bikes:

(sorry the pictures were taken at night, but at this point it was actually day time)

While parking the bike he pulled forward in front of the spot to walk it back into place - which is exactly how you are supposed to do it - I tapped him to let him know I was getting off. He started to walk it backwards and he saw something out of the corner of his eye - it scared him so he hit the hand break ... it caused the bike to jerk ... and him to tense up ... thus hitting his leg on the pipes ... he has a burn on the inside of his right leg/calf area that is the size of my hand. I didn't take a picture because he was embarrassed. I will try to get one tonight!

Me and Andy ... all bundled up and ready to ride home!

The Indian that guided us in the night!

Me being silly ... the glasses were hilarious!

ME and my CiCi ... love her!

This is the sign at Mr. Freddy's Bar ... we stopped in to see them all we wanted them to see us on his bike in his honor!

My Favorite Picture from the week ... can you see me in the mirror?

Notice the Dew Rag - that is the one that got me into trouble!


Boom said...

You are WILD, Mama!!

I'm too scared to ride one-a dem hawgs...

Dawn said...

The pictures are great!! I'm so glad you got some time to do things you enjoy!!

Unknown said...

What's up Wal Mart do rag? You both look like two cool parents in the pic! This what quite an interesting weekend! I was wondering what the glowing face was in your pics... after reading the blog, now I know.