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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

No wonder it was easy for him

The week before we became a family of 4 I made Andy start to put Tatum to bed, just to make sure she would let him and all would go smooth when we came home from the hospital! He successfully put her to bed 4 nights so I took the last before birth day! Anyway ... so now 4 weeks later and Bowden is now on bottles (which makes me both happy and SAD) and I tell Andy ... you feed the baby I want to bath Tatum and put her night night ... we do up stairs. I give her her bath, we have so much fun singing, splashing and playing! I take her into her room, dress her, give her her sippy cup and sit in the rocking chair with her ... we say our prayers and we hum a lullybuy ... then she is done with her sippy cup of milk so I get up, kiss her head and put her in the crib ... and then ... WAAA WAAA SREAM YELL CRY! I walk out ... because you see dear internet that is what I USED TO DO! Put her down still awake, and she would sooth her self night night! Well I guess he missed the let her fall asleep on her own memo ... he has been rocking her to sleep each and every night!!! OMG I wasd so so mad ... oh well he didn't know and now we are starting the cry it out phase! Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

oh, no!

but, how sweet at the same time! a daddy rockin' his little baby girl to sleep!

except that now she has to re-learn an old habit!

i miss you.

The Smith Family said...

I'm sorry! That has to be hard. I am sure after a few more nights she'll get back to her old routine. If not then I'd keep daddy on bedtime duty! Were you able to do both breast milk and formula? Or are you just doing formula all the time?

I am at fault for putting my oldest to bed when he was still awake and 6 years later I'm paying for it. He won't go to sleep unless one of us lays down with him or if he is rocked to sleep! With the new little man I put him down when he's semi-awake and he puts himself to sleep, makes it much easier!

Wendy said...

Oh I feel for you. Jayke slept with me for the first 3 years of his life so I know how nice itit to be able to put them to bed and walk out. Good luck!

Dawn said...

That phase doesn't last long if you are consistent and don't go back! But how sweet that he rocked her!! I learned after my first one to rock and cuddle anytime BUT bedtime, so my younger one was always able to just lay down and go to sleep on his own. It's nice!

LCP said...

Ugh...did he think that is what you did every night? Goofy. Hope it doesn't take long to re-train her again!!

Andrea said...

It will be hard but if you stick with letting her cry it out, she should be back in the old habit in 2-3 days. But, it is much easier said than done, this I know!