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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Night of Sleep

Okay so one of my friends ... Angee (may now be my new BFF ... sorry Melanie, and Robin I had to)! Ready ... are you all sitting down?! She is a Saint, a angle sent from above to be my saving grace ... she is keeping Bowden tonight ... ALL NIGHT! Tatum is going to Grammy's and I am going to dinner with the hubs, and some friends then ... SLEEPING ALL NIGHT! ALL NIGHT! I will get at least 9 hours of straight sleep - can you believe that?! OMG ... Angee I love you! You are my Queen, anything you EVER need I will be glad to do it!

PS - Angee said she wanted to keep him again next Friday night, which by the way is even more wonderful because it is Fall Bike Week and you see my friends, I haven't enjoyed a bike week in 2 years now.

I hope my nerves don't take over and make me freak out - you know the mommy syndrome, "no one can do it like me." I know Angee will take great care of him, like he was/is her own ... but it is still very very scary! Pray for me ... I know he will do great, but for me and Angee ... Angee to have enough patience for him and me to have the strength to not miss him SO horribly that I want to go get him in the middle of the night ... but if I go to bed early enough then maybe I will sleep through it!


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you're going to get some sleep! i know you need it! i wouldn't be surprised if you fall asleep during dinner! ha, ha.

can't wait to hear tonight goes! and, DON'T go get him...he'll be fine! :0)

kimmyk said...

yeah for having such a great friend!

i hope you enjoy yourself and try not to stress or worry, they're in good hands.

sleep well.

Dawn said...

I will pray for you but you will enjoy this time, i'm sure!! There is no need to worry or feel bad cause you deserve some time to rest and to spend without the kids!! Yay!

Chris said... did you do??? No blog post after all that sleep?? What's up? LOL! Haven't chatted with you in a long while...Miss ya girl!