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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Acid Reflux Update

Well I was correct ... see not such a bad mommy after all!~ My mother intuition told me something was wrong with my little guy. He has Acid Reflux, not a HORRIBLE case, but bad enough that he has troubles sleeping. We went to the Dr on Friday ... we got a prescription for the reflux, he has had 3 doses so far, and I have noticed that his burps have become less wet. I am not saying that it is working ... just less wet. I have switched him to bottles, (cries and sobs from mommy) and am currently mixing his bottle 1/2 breast milk and 1/2 AR formula. AR formula is made just for Acid Reflux babies and has rice cereal in it so it is THICKER. I hoped to breast feed him for 6 months as I did with Tatum, but I knew that it may be stopped early ... but thought it would be because of Tatum, not because of him having "Belly issues." Oh well I hate that I can't breast feed him ... many have asked why don't I just continue to pump and mix 1/2 and 1/2 for the 6 months ... well to be FRANK ... IT HURTS ME! Makes me bleed and crack ... now when he is eating I don't even know he is there, but the pump kicks my ass ... yes I tried several different "nipple cups," they all hurt. I adjusted the speed and the suck and I put my self through the pain with Tatum ... but if this special formula is really all that special I think as soon as he can get 100% of it the better ... maybe he will sleep longer at night too?!
So if you can say a little prayer for us ... more sleep, less acid reflux, less wet burps, less gaging and spit up ... I will take anything as of now ...

PS I am kinda excited that we are making the move to formula sooner than later ... you all know this means I will get to pass him off for feedings! HAHAHA Already have somethings lined up for us to go to dinner ... now if I can just find someone to keep him for a night ... holly molly the sleep I will get!

PSS ... Hanna did not hurt us, we lost power for about 45 minutes last night, no big deal ... our yard was ankle deep in water while it was raining, but has since all drained into the HUGE river in our back yard, which by the way is the highest we have seen it since living here ... it rises and falls with the tides so it too is higher. Glad that Ike is not coming our way, and for those of you that Ike will affect ... I am sorry and I will be praying for you!


Dawn said...

I think you are making the best decisions with the baby because you know him better than anyone. Trust your instincts and know that you are not a bad mommy if you don't continue breast feeding. And yes, now people can babysit so you can have some much needed "me" time!! I appreciate the prayers about Ike - it looks like he's headed my way!

The Smith Family said...

When I was watching the weather channel I thought about you and your family and wondered if Hanna was going to get you or not. Glad she didn't.

I'm glad you were right about the reflux. What prescription did his doctor prescribe? What's the name of the formula you are using? We are STILL battling reflux with Ben and it's getting worse. He is on prevacid and I'm using Similac Sensitive formula.

I hope you are able to finally get some sleep, you deserve it!

The Smith Family said...

Thanks! Ben goes back to the doctor soon, I think we'll ask her about it. :-D

Weird about my comment being from noreplyblogger. I will check my settings and see what the problem is.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you have official confirmation that bowden has reflux. (i say "official" because the doctor just confirmed what you already knew). hopefully the rice cerel in the new formula will help fill his tummy up & let him go 3 or 4 hours without eating. let me know how it goes.

and, girl...if i lived closer you know i'd be volunteering to keep the babies for the night so you can sleep. you wouldn't have even had to ask me!! :0)

kimmyk said...

good to hear hannah didnt hurt you or your family. wicked weather!

good that bowden is getting what he needs...babies are so sensitive. bless his heart. he's probably a happy lil camper now.

i hope you get some rest soon!

Elleoz said...

Good for you! Isn't that Mommy intuition something!

I would totally keep your little guy if I lived closer :)

Unknown said...

Well, time to keep tradition up - call me when Bowden is off the boob... let's drink! :) haha! Hope all goes well with the transition.

My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

I am glad you trusted your Mommy instinct. I am sure you will find someone to watch the baby so you can enjoy a night out. Glad Hanna left you alone.

Nature Girl said...

awww...I never once thought you were a horrible mommy! poor little guy...glad to hear he is diagnosed adn hopefully on the mend..this will ultimately lead to both of you getting some sleep.

So glad to hear Hannah didn't get too bad over your way..

Wendy said...

Glad Hannah misse you and the little guy's tummy is on the mend.