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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No more smiles

Well BOTH ... yes BOTH babies are sick!
I am so tired I can't see, I can barely breath.
My body hurts, and my head hurts so bad!
Tatum has PINK EYE and a horrible cough.
Bowden has HORRIBLE upper respiratory infection.
And you guessed it - neither is sleeping!
Which in turn means we are not sleeping either!
We took 3 steps forward with Bowden and his sleeping ...
but this cold has sent us 8 steps back!
I am on edge and going to bed - love you all dear Internet!
One day I will be back!


Unknown said...

This sounds horrible! Praying for you guys! We seem to ALL have runny noses here today, and if I have one pet peeve it is a runny nose! Funny for an elementary teacher, i know! :)
All About D and Marleigh

Boom said...


So sorry for you. Here's praying for SLEEP.

LCP said...

Just when you think you are off running!! Been there too.

Jack was making small progress, then got sick for two weeks, on the nebulizer stuff, and now finally trying to get back to it. He is still up at 11 and 2 and 5...but better than every hour!!

Prayers that they will get healthy soon!

Andrea said...

This too shall pass...praying it passes soon!

kimmyk said...

oh my gosh.

if it's not one thing its another with babies i tell ya.

keep the pink eye at bay. dont let that spread around (and dont use the drops on bowden if he gets me on that one..working for eye doctors...yuck!)

hope everyone gets some sleep.

prop the baby...give him night time cold med and hopefully it will knock him out. keep him loosely clothed so he doesnt overheat that way he wont get to coughin.

same for you..nyquil.