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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

All Smiles

This past week with Bowden has been a HUGE change. I am not sure what happened, but he has been happier in the day and sleeping so much better at night. We still have some work to do but he seems to be on a 2 day schedule ... sleeps 2 nights 12 hours then wakes the 3rd night for about 1.5-2 hours around 1am. Then sleeps again for 2 nights. Guess what ... I WILL TAKE IT!
He has been napping well every 3rd day. That is usually the day he wakes at night. The other 2 days he is only taking 3 very small 20 min naps. I can't even get the toilets cleaned in 20 minutes so I can tell you all that our house is suffering.
It is not near as clean as I am used to it being ... and part of that is because we had to let our house keeper go. She was not doing as good a job as I was paying her for and when I confronted her can you believe she was a bitch about it. Seriously ... she came every other week ... we cleaned up all toys and "junk" before each cleaning ... I picked up all the rugs, and made sure there were NO objects on the floors for easier vacuuming and moping. We made sure there was NOTHING on the counters so wipe down could be done quickly. Oh yeah and I caught her using our products which was not part of the "deal." Even left her a very nice Christmas Present and can you believe the letter she wrote that day said "Andy, have to raise the price ... I expect the increase next cleaning" didn't even say thanks ... So I called her that minute and said "______, did you get our gift?" "Oh yes Miss Kim, thank you so much it was lovely" ME: "okay, well about the increase if you are using our products, we are picking up the majority of the house and all you are doing is the bathrooms and floors why are you increasing?" Her: "Times are tough" Me: "No shit, you should be glad that we are still using you." Her: yes mama I am, but my husband lost his job" Me:"well we stay at our price or you wont have a job here either." Her"well I need the extra money." Me: It was nice having you work with us, I wish you luck in the future, but I don't think we will be using you any longer." I hung up ... we have 2 companies scheduled to give us a quote this week ... it has been 3 weeks since the other lady was here.
Wow - sorry about that ... I was posting about my good babies and just went off there ...
Hope you are still with me ... cause I wanted to show you the smiles at our house the last 2 days!
Tatum is a WATER BUG -

Bowden boy has been getting more and more "smiley!" I just say his name and he is all smiles! I love it - this is what it is supposed to be! What ever corner he has turned I am glad we made it without killing each other! I know it is not over, but the smiles and the little better sleep makes life so MUCH more FUN!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! :) Good luck with the cleaning thing.. your house does NOT look messy to me, I must be a true slob..ha! I don't have babies to blame either, oops.

I am praying for sweet dreams at the house tonight for you all.

The Partins said...

They are SOOO cute.

And Good Job on kicking the stupid lady to the curb!

Boom said...

Bowden is getting so BIG...that face is just too cute.

God knew what he was doing when he made them that cute, didn't He?!

Anonymous said...

i love how much tatum LOVES the water! her hair is getting so long!

i could just eat baby b up! :)

so glad the sleeping is going better! :)

Jamie said...

He smiles!! Oh he looks so cute when he smiles! Sweet dreams, Bowden! I bet you are soo happy he is sleeping through the night....that means you are too :-D

kimmyk said...

yeah for sleeping babies!!!

sorry you had problems with your house keeper...that sucks.
...really it sounded like you were doing all the work before she got there so what the heck!

Goodrow Gang said...

Gotta love how they turn on a dime! Geez, your kids are such cuties.

Nature Girl said...

Omgosh these adorable babies are getting so big!
I'm glad you're finally able to get even a few bits of sleep in there.. the smiles always seem to make it all worth it though don't they?