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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hometown Bar

Okay well I know you all have asked for pictures and I PROMISE that on Friday - my FUN day at work I WILL put some pictures on this thing - but check this out - I was just on AOL Home Page surfing around looking at all the different sites - under the top venues I see my
favorite: "Suck Bang Blow" it had A LOT of mixed reviews as you can imagine - but check it out - it is the place to be for Bike Week - I guess I will miss it this year due to being um about 8 months preggo then but I Will most defiantly hit it next year!


kimmyk said...

I think the blow up doll on the bike adds to the whole "ambiance" of the event don't you?

Blow up dolls + bikers=good times my friend.

Unknown said...

Haha - I tried to go to the main webpage for SBB and GSK has blocked it saying it has something offensive on there or nudity! Yes, I know you love that place :)