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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Germ Killer

Friday Night Tatum had ANOTHER stomach bug
Sunday night Bowden got it.
Is it too much to ask for a germ killer?!
I mean this is the 3rd time Tatum has had it since Turkey Day.
Second for Bowden.
And YES i bleached all the toys in the house after all 3 of them.
(or should I say 5?!)
You know because Bowden didn't get it either time until after 48 hours so I had already cleaned them after Tatum's attack, and then again after Bowdens.
So if you have any secrets wont you sent them my way?!

And just for fun ... look at my babies - they are so cute! - When they aren't throwing up on me!


Chris said...

Sorry to hear about the ugly strain of illness you have been dealing with! You are doing the right thing by washing down the toys. Might I suggest asking your day care what they use to sanatize the toys?

LCP said...

No tricks that I know of...we all had it too, just once, and just for a day...but yuck!!

I am OK...just haven't had time to update, and now I don't have time to update becuase I have too much to update on...oh that vicious cycle. I will soon, with brief bullet points!!

Lindsey said...

I can't wait for spring so we can shrug off some of this toddler gunk! Sometimes you can do all you can and it's still not enough. Hope everyone gets well and stays that way.

Love the pic. They are getting so big!