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Monday, January 05, 2009

The "Big" move

Well we made the "BIG" move.
We moved Tatum Bug .... DOWN STAIRS!
I really think the first night was harder on me than on her.
However the second night was hard on us ALL!
But it was harder for different reasons ...
Tatum brought home a NASTY NASTY Cold.
You all know - one of those colds that you take them to the Dr. for and then you hear:
It is viral ... let it play it's course, but the kind that sounds like she is coughing from her toes.
SO ... this is the deal Bowden got the cold and he can't breath, which in turns means he can't sleep!!!
Tatum can hear Bowden now. Her room is directly under his!
Well last night (their second night in their new rooms) Bowden slept all of 3 TOTAL hours out of 12. MY GEEZE!!!
Anyway ... here is hoping that tonight is a better night than last night!
PS we took Bowden to the Dr today and all is going to be better ... we got meds!


The Smith Family said...

Good luck, I hope your babies feel better soon. And you are able to get some sleep!

It's going around here also. My kids still haven't gotten it but they went back to childcare and kindergarten today so I'm expecting some virus to show up by weeks end.

kimmyk said...

awww poor babies.
it sucks when one gets sick cause you know it's just a matter of time before the other. odd though that they give bowden meds and not tatum.

hope your little ones get to feelin better and get some sleep.

Full Tilt Poker Video said...
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Anonymous said...

um, i think you got a spam comment above?!

anyway, i'm glad tatum bug has her own room...but sad that she's big enough to make such a move!! :(

i'm also sorry that she & baby b are sick...again. no fun!!

i miss you. come see me.

Becca said...

I'm back to blogging. I am so sorry to hear your kiddos are sick! Hope they get better soon! Keep your energy up! Happy New Year!