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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sleeping Post

Well things here have been going very well!
Friday night Bowden only woke once - I fed him and put him right back down.
Saturday Night he and Tatum stayed with my parents!
We had a wedding to attend in Columbia, SC and then a Birthday Bash here in town to attend.
So we woke up, got ready, took the babies to my parents.
Then drove to Columbia.
We left the wedding around 5 - got home by 8:30 and then to the bash!
It was a country birthday bash, for several people!
We had a BLAST~
Here I am in my Cowgirl outfit!

Some pictures of the babies:


Becca said...

Ohmigosh....Tatum looks SO CUTE with her hair in pigtails!!! Like your cowgirl pic! Continued good luck on the babies sleeping through the night!

kimmyk said...

how'd the babies sleep at your parents?

i'm glad that you got to get out and have a good time. you so deserve it!

your children are beautiful...but you knew that already didn't you?!