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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project Cry it Out: FAILED

Last night was NO GOOD! Something about Tuesday Nights. That is when Andy Bowls.
Bowden must know his Daddy is not home and take advantage of me.
He started to cry around 8:45 - I did the every 15 minute thing for about 1.5 hours.
He was asleep around 10:15 then he woke again at midnight.
He was up from Midnight - 2am. (Andy usually gets home around 11:45)
Andy asked if I wanted him to go in and get him, I told him NO he is going to cry.
I let him cry until 2 (going in every 15 minutes, patting him, paci in mouth and even sucked his nose a few times)
Finally at 2 I gave in, changed his diaper, sucked his nose, gave him some Zyrtec (he couldn't breath through the snot) and gave him a bottle.
He passed out of exhaustion during his bottle. I put him back to bed.
Crawled in my own bed and as soon as I started to fall asleep he started screaming again.
I got up, grabbed the boppie and put him in our bed - propped up so he could breath better!
He slept until 7:15.
AACK! What is it about Tuesday?!


kimmyk said...

it doesn't sound like a case of the tuesday's but a case of not being able to breathe freely.

man i remember using a nasal aspirator on the kids and the hell it would cause but much better!!

bless his heart...he can't breathe and you can't sleep....

sending hugs!

LCP said...

Two steps forward one step sucks. Last night was pretty good for Jack, he slept from midnight until 4am, not a peep, and then from 4 to 5 and 5 to 6, then I fed him at 6. Not bad, just needs to be a little longer!!

Keep us updated!