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Thursday, January 08, 2009


What is up?! I have this neat new feature on my side bar that is SUPPOSED to tell me when people update their blog ... nope doesn't do it! It is driving me nuts! What is up with that?!
A preview of what is to come ...
What you all are waiting for ... Bowden at his best! haha
We are leaving tomorrow am to go to Charlotte First Round Playoffs for The Panthers!
This was my request for Christmas ... a weekend away with NO KIDS and something fun ...
Just so happened that The Panthers ROCK and we picked THIS WEEKEND!
Andy's Brother will be at our house all weekend and the babies will be all over the place!
Both parents are keep both babies one night of the weekend .. haha Good Luck! I hope it goes off without a hitch and Please Please Go Panthers!
When I get home I will be getting major pictures of Bowden at his best and a good video for you!
For now ... take this one as a preview!

Oh yeah ... Tatum now will wear pig tails ...


Anonymous said...

i can't believe he's big enough to sit in the high chair now!

ta-ta looks cute in her pig-tails. (or as my niece calls them "2 ponies"...we ask her, "riley, do you want one pony or 2 ponies?")

anyway, looking at your pictures always makes me sad, especially if they're pics of the inside of your house because i know EXACTLY where ta-ta is standing & i know where the high chair is BECAUSE I'VE BEEN TO YOUR HOUSE..AND IT MAKES ME MISS YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!!

come see me.


Becca said...

Have a BLAST in Charlotte at the Panthers game! Sounds like fun!

MaKat said...

I couldn't imagine leaving Preston for an entire weekend. Well, I can actually imagine it. That would be nice. Guess I just don't do much for myself these days. Moving on...LOVE the pig tails. I want a baby that can have pig tails. I bet I could put Preston in them! Hmmm...I feel a blog post coming on! Have fun this weekend! Drink one(s) for me!

kimmyk said...

look at her freakin pig tails wouldja!

both of them babies are adorable. simply adorable.

Elleoz said...

Hope you had a good time at the game (even though they lost :(

I hate that we couldn't get together for lunch! Next time I am SOOOO there!