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Friday, January 23, 2009

Project Cry it Out - Day 3

Well I am almost scared to post it ...
He slept again! 7pm - 7:15am
I really am starting to think that there is something wrong with him.
I have called the Dr and we are going to see her Monday.
You see - 3 nights ago I really thought he was getting ready to break a tooth through.
So I gave him some Tylenol. He slept!
No tooth.
The next night I did it again. He Slept!
Andy and I have both thought there was something hurting him from the start!
The only thing I have done differently is put him "fuzzy" PJ's.
So what do you think?! Is the Tylenol making him sleep?!
Did one night of crying it out really work already?!
How do I make the Dr understand that I think there is something wrong with my baby?!
Is there only something wrong with him in my head?!


The Partins said...

So Jamie has cut 14 teeth now, and with EACH one, about a week before it broke through, for three nights, she was a TERROR - I only gave her Tylenol once though and it helped the one time and made her sleep. I was always afraid to give it to her because I wasn't "sure" it was her teeth until I began to notice this pattern (and hindsight is 20/20). So it very well could be his teeth bothering him and the Tylenol is helping him sleep.

Also, crying it out works fast for some babies (or so I've heard) so it could be a combo.

Try a few nights without the Tylenol before you get the Dr. involved unless he is showing other symptoms (maybe an ar infection?) Because the Dr. will just tell you to do that and come back and why pay 2 co-pays???

kimmyk said...

maybe it's the fuzzy pj's buggin your boy??? lol.

there's probably nothing wrong with you bowden except he's a baby. one day precious lil angels, the next...fuss butts.

and mine is almost 17 (wow, 17!) and he's the same way. i just dont get to pat his butt quite as often as i would like to put him to sleep.


as much as these days suck kim, enjoy them. cause they're babies and they dont talk back and drive your car and take all your money and come home at midnight lookin atcha like you owe them money.