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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I cried so hard

Okay so does anyone watch Private Practice?!
It is on Thursday evening ... I am only 2 days behind!
So this was the story line
A single Dad -
He, his daughter and his son all had CF.
The daughter got some kind of bacteria.
She is/was going to die, there is no cure.
If the Dad or the son were near her, they too would get it and die.
So the dad had to choose ...
Let the daughter die alone, and stay with the son.
Or go to the daughter and be with her while him and her both die, leaving the son alone.
They were both young children. The daughter was older maybe 7 - son was around 4.
In the end he went to the daughter and asked Addison to see that the son was taken care of.
I cried and cried - one of those cries that I could not stop.
Andy started to laugh at me, "It's only a show honey!"
"I know but I couldn't imagine having to make that choice"
So dear Internet what would you do?!
I would go to Tatum ... I could not let her die alone - I would have found someone to care for Bowden first but I wouldn't be able to watch her die and not hold her -
Andy said he would stay with Bowden - He would need him too.


The Partins said...

I'd ask for one of those space suits and wear it... then I could have it both ways. But if I had to chose, I would have to stay with the one that would live because otherwise they would think for the rest of their lives that I would rather die than be with them... not the exact case, but that's what they would think and that is years of therapy right there....

kimmyk said...

if i was being honest, and i'm gonna be honest....i'd take my son in there with her and live like that boy in the plastic bubble til either they found a cure or we all died together.

i couldn't choose one child over the other.

when my nephew died (he was 4) my sister said she had wished it was my neice who died in the car accident (she was 1 at the time) because she had my nephew longer and that has always stayed with me. i couldn't choose. i wouldn't choose.

i started to watch that episode but turned it...too much for me to think about or watch. and can i just say i dont like addison's hair.

Boom said...

I saw the preview and just couldn't watch that. Could NOT watch it. HORRIBLE. I cried just watching that preview.

It's still on my tivo. But I don't think I can bring myself to do it.