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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Project Cry It Out - Day 2

Last night was weird!
I am not going to jump up and down in joy - just YET
But that boy SLEPT!
I think it was pure exhaustion, but I put him down at 7:05pm.
NO CRYING at all!
He made a few noises through the night, but NO CRYING!
I got up at 6:30 -
I ran to his room, peeked into his room - he was FINE!!!
I took my shower.
Dried and styled my hair, put on my makeup.
First time I have gotten ready without having to tend to him since he has been born - 5 months! After getting ready I laid on my bed - SILENCE it was so nice!
*Tatum doesn't wake until we either wake her or will wake around 8 on her own.
At 7:20am I heard him start to wake.
I ran to his room - picked him up - and hugged his so so tight! I kissed his all over - Good BOY!
Wow what a full night of sleep can do for a girl!

Please keep praying for us! Maybe that is why he slept!


Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so glad he slept! :) that's awesome!!! i'll keep praying for you & him...that this continues!!!!

The Partins said...

Yea...Jamie is 14 months and still wakes up at night at LEAST once at around 1AM because I never let her cry it out.... and is up at 5:00 every day and then in bed with me until 8:00. Teach him now!!!

Elleoz said...

Yay! Go Bowden and good for you too Mommy! I hope that this is just the beginning! WHOO HOO!!

LCP said...

Ahhh, great for you! I sure hope it wasn't just a fluke and you continue down the road to sleep!! Last night was a bit better for us, but still up multiple times, but slept longer periods. He has to learn to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up from his sleep cycle...then I think we will be on the road to sleep too!

Have a great weekend!

kimmyk said...


poor lil' guy is tuckered out.

i hope these nights continue!