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Monday, January 26, 2009

Only 2 time

That is how many times Bowden woke last night!
Once around 11:45 I turned him over, patted his back and walked out!
Then at 3:45 and I fed him, then right back to bed!
We are making waves! HUGE waves!

Other than the sleep issue I have NOTHING to blog about!
For that I am sorry!
You see besides 2 babies and work I have nothing else to say!

We are having some major issues at work -
We currently have a lien on a huge company for $451,000.
Honestly I have to say that if we don't re-coup some of that money, QUICKLY!!!
We will be shutting the doors!
We can't carry that bad debt for much longer.
We have been in business for 30 years.
My dad has never mentioned closing, or the big "B" word.
He has always said he would commit suicide before claiming bankruptcy ...
So I have a very heavy heart! I have been praying for work and my Daddy
like never before.
I just hope that our lawyer can make something happen quickly!


Anonymous said...

i am SO doing a happy dance right now for baby b. :o) yay for sleep.

but, BOOOOOO for bad times at work. no fun at all. i hope things change for the better, soon. (for you & for everyone whose been layed off b/c of this stupid economy! ugh!).

anyway, i miss you! i wish i could just hug your neck!!!!!

LCP said...

I will say a prayer for your dad and the business too...our company is going through some "adjustments" too, no big layoffs, but holds on salary increases and 401K stuff. The economy stinks right now!!

Yeah for Bowden, hope it keeps up. I thought I was on the high road and then he took a step back...I will pray pray pray for your baby boy and mine!! We need to get some good sleep soon - and you know what, a year from now we won't even remember the big deal this was! Right!

kimmyk said...

yeah for bowden sleeping.

sorry to hear about the company and HOLY HELL that comment your dad made scared the bejeezus out of me so i can imagine how y'all are worried and feeling.

i hope your lawyers work in your favor and get you the money.