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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project Cry It Out - Day 1

Bowden has still be waking up 4 - 6 times a night
Mostly they consist of me rolling him to his belly, patting his back for 15 - 20 minutes then he will sleep 1.5 hours.
He did really well for about 2 weeks, only waking 1 time to eat. I am not sure how we got back to waking so much, but I know he can do it.
Last night while Andy was bowling I had to resort to trying the cry it out method!
The Stand off started at 8:15 I went to Bowden's room, picked him up and tried for about 20 minutes to calm him, he fell asleep in my arms. I put him back down.
Upon his head hitting the bed the screaming started again. I walked out. I told myself to clean something for 15 minutes and go back. 30 minutes later I was on my second trip up to his room. I of course had tears in my eyes and I was on the verge of sobbing. I walked in his room, patted his belly (he was on his back) and put the paci in his mouth. I walked back out and downstairs. I had his monitor on, but turned all the way down, I could see the lights lighting up with each scream.
I decided it wasn't to late to call his Dr. So I did. She called me back and I started to cry - she reminded me that he would not remember and sometimes this is the ONLY answer. The first stand off lasted 2 hours - (*Note the only reason I made it 2 hours was because of 4 wonderful friends and Facebook! Thank you Stephanie, Robin, Mandi and Allygator) It was 10:23 exactly and he fell asleep. He slept for about an hour and a half.
When he started again, Andy was home. He went in, turned him over patted his back and left the room. He cried for about 30 more minutes and then was asleep. We did this all night. The last stand off was at 4 am. I fixed him a bottle, went it the room, propped his head up (the Dr said DO NOT PICK HIM UP!) stood at the side of the crib and fed him his bottle. When it was gone and I took it away he started to cry - I did pick him up, but not in a loving way - I simply placed him on my knee - him sitting up and burped him. While he was quiet, but wide awake I put him back in the crib, he rolled over, I patted his belly and put the paci in his mouth. I walked out. He cried for about 20 minutes ... that was 5:15 - at 8:22 this am he was still asleep! I looked in on him, and he was on his belly in the corner sleeping like he has never slept before - probably of exhaustion.
I hated it, every minute of it. However I hate that I can't function in my day to day life too! I can't wake with him 4 - 6 times a night. He is 5 months old now - I am worn out and past exhaustion! So once the Dr gave me the OKAY and the promise that if I don't give in it will work I was FINE! I was okay hearing him cry! So many people say it will work I just have to stick to it!
Hope you enjoy my report of the days to come!
Pray for me and for him!


Anonymous said...

yay! i know he still woke up some, but he was probably trying to test you to see if you would come in & pick him up! he'll get used to putting himself back to sleep...i promise! and, the doctor's right, he will not remember this! and, you're not the only parent who has had to do this...and, you won't be the last! you're not alone!! :)

i love you, girl!!

Stephanie said...

Now that you have started - that was the hard part! So you just have to keep it up every night. I guarantee each night the crying will get less and less as he learns he can't play you. This might last a week or two...but just don't give in. You'll be SO GLAD when this is over - and he will too. You are doing him a favor! He needs his sleep too, he just doesn't realize it yet! lol!

Elleoz said...

Aww hun! You are not the first or the last to have to do this. I really think that it is harder on the parents than it is the babies. Your Dr. is right...he won't remember any of it.

I used the Baby Wise method loosly. Basically, it teaches them to not rely on feeding for comfort and sleeping and gets them on a schedule so that they can put themselves to sleep. I did it with both of mine and they were sleeping almost through the night by 10 weeks old. Email me if you want more info.

Hang in there girl! I gets better I promise!

LCP said...

I am so in the exact same boat with you, though I am trying this at 3 months old. For some reason, he was doing great, then this week, back to being awake multiple times and feeding 2ce in the middle of the night. Ugh...Must be somthing in the stars that is causing them to backtrack.

I have yet to permently commit to CYO, I did it with Josey, but for some reason I cannot bear to hear baby Jack cry for so long because he gets so worked up that it is hard to get him calm again. Oh...prayers for you if you pray for us!!

Wendy said...

Hi! I'm Robin's sister-in-law. I let both my girls cry-it-out. My biggest testimonial is from my first one. She had been sleeping 12 hrs a night from 2 1/2 mos to 5 mos. Then she got a cold. After that, she woke up once a night for 15 mins, then twice a night for 15 mins each, then twice a night for 30 mins, etc. I was nursing her back to sleep and as soon as she realized she wasn't nursing, waaaaahhhh!

At 9 months old I did cry-it-out.
The first night I nursed her to sleep at first. (I caved.) But when she woke up that night, I just patted her back. I didn't pick her up unless it got really loud. Then I'd put her back down. She cried 1 hr and 45 mins that first night. The second night, she cried only 1 hr or so. The third night she cried like 30 mins. By the 4th night, she slept ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Best thing I've ever done!

Hang in there! It'll be worth it.

Christina said...

You did a great job! It is tough, but you need your sleep, too, so that you can be the best mom to him. At his age, it's normal to wake up once, or sometimes twice a night, but not that often!

I hope each night gets easier for you!

kimmyk said...

wow. i feel so sorry for you. it's such a horrible helpless feeling when you can't make them stop crying. all these questions go through your head like why me? am a i terrible mother for letting them cry? it's okay to think that and to question being a mother.

it's a horrible job at times!

i love my children but oh geez...i totally get ya!

Anonymous said...

Hello! You don't know me but tonight as I am trying the cry it out method with my 10 month old daughter I googled and found your blog. Thank you for writing this. It has helped me get through her crying! She has finally fallen back asleep after 1 hour of crying. Hope your little one is still sleeping through the night!!
Thanks again, Melissa

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