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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bring on '09 ~ May it be wonderful

I just wrote a 5 PP post and deleted it ... I touched on all good and bad of our 08. Then I figured I should just shut up ... we are all relatively healthy ... (over weight and runny noses are still healthy right?) We have been blessed with 2 babies ... one that is an angle and the other ... well lets just say he is working on it. (side note- tonight we went to my in-laws for a early evening party and it took us 30 minutes to get everyone ready and packed ... he cried the entire time! Yes all 30 minutes ... he acted as if his head was going to explode ... the second I picked him up ... he was giggling!) So while he is sleeping better at night, he is still crying all the time! ALL THE TIME! I am hoping that things with him will get better SOON! We both have jobs, and neither of us have had to lay anyone off. My husband's business is doing better than ours ... we are starting to really struggle. (He owns a produce company that sells to restaurants ... people are still eating out. I am in Construction ... which you all know is hurting) Our business (mostly commercial) is still busy ... only one problem all the housing and condo construction people are slow so they are coming into my world. Under bidding people and making things on us rough! The work that we have we can't get paid for ... the owners are struggling, watching every penny, paying the contractor less, then them paying us less. We filed 2 law suits this past week one for over $461,000. The other for a little over $80,000. I have a wonderful support group, in real world and in the Internet world. Even though we can fight I have a wonderful husband who really loves me! I can go on and on, but then it would be almost like the last post ... so
Happy New Year to all of you!
May you each have a blessed '09!
May you all be blessed and have wonderful things to come your way!
I wish only the best of the best for all of you ... my dear Internet friends!


kimmyk said...

happy new year to you and your beautiful family kim!

Jamie said...

Happy New Year Kim! Have a wonderful 2009! I hope to see you this year. With Melanie having a little mini-Mel I am sure you will be up this way :-D

The Smith Family said...

Happy New Year. I hope 2009 is the best for you. I'm sorry to hear Bowden is still so fussy. Poor guy! I will keep my fingers crossed that both of your businesses grow this year and things get better.

I'm slacking on updating my blog. It's a goal of mine to do this weekend. Lots to write about. Just no time to do it.

Dawn said...

Probably good to delete the long post and go with what you did!! I do that sometimes too! I am sorry Bowden is still crying so much. Surely, he'll grow out of that soon?? I am glad you are getting to sleep at night though. Don't stress about writing JP. I appreciate you doing it if and when you have a chance! Happy New Year!