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Monday, December 15, 2008

I Hope You Dance!

For your viewing pleasure ... Tatum Dances with the snowmen!

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The Partins said...

So cute!!! My parent's have that and Jamie loves it too. My question is, where do kids learn that dance? Do we dance like that??? Oh gosh... :-P

Anonymous said...

so, so cute! her hair is getting so long!

btw, just hearing your voice on the video makes me so sad! i can't wait to see you again!!

Andrea said...

We have that one too and its one of David's favorites! He hijacks it from its spot every year and puts it in his room!

Stephanie said...

My mom has that one too! Stella had a love/hate relationship with it last year...this year - ADDICTED to it. She even carries it in the kitchen and the snowmen have to watch her eat.

kimmyk said...

she's so darn cute!

it only gets better. and wait! soon enough she'll have a partner!!!