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Monday, December 08, 2008

SnowBE Christmas 09

Every year - first weekend of December is my college girl Christmas party. This year there were 8 of us. Not to shabby for 11 years of tradition. We were only missing 4 of us, Kim K (yes there are 2 of us) Stephanie, BK and Ashley. Friday I left town at 2, an hour later than anticipated because Andy got stuck at work, he was keeping Bowden until Angee could get off work and get him. I made it to Concord, NC and I get a call from Angee, she can't keep Bowden at all this weekend, her son's class had an outbreak of Fifth Disease, and that can be very harmful to baby. So ... I call Andy to tell him I will turn around ... when I call him he tells me that my mom has strep throat and she can't keep Tatum. I am balling my eyes out, I want to turn around. I pulled in the parking lot of the hospital in Concord and cry ... Andy convinced me to go. Told me he could handle both.

So I went ... I got to Tennilles house around 6:30 Traffic was horrible. I was the last one in for that night. We hung out in our jammies and chatted all night. Saturday we woke up, ate breakfast and waited for Courtney and Amy to arrive ... then it began ... the drinking started! Everyone but Melbel (she is preggers) and Tennille (the DD) I think we started drinking at 10 ... we went to wally world to shop for our angles and then back to the house to hang out out before dinner. After dinner we went to "the club" haha it was so much fun!

I needed the break and to my surprise Andy did really well with both kiddos. They were all alive and very happy to see me when I got home! I love my SnowBE's I love my hubby, thanks for a much needed GREAT WEEKEND!
All of us!
Me and Courtney!
Me and my Naji!
Lisa, Me and MelBel

Me, making fun of a ex SnowBE at "the club"


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you had fun!

The Smith Family said...

The last picture of you should be added to the family Christmas card. :-D