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Friday, December 19, 2008

Body Parts

Several months ago I was so worried that Tatum couldn't point out any body parts ...
Dear Internet you all told me to be patient, that she would get it ...
Well OF COURSE you were right ... here she is showing off and pointing out some of her favorites!
PS the way she says elbow is my favorite of all times! I LOVE LOVE IT!!

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Robin said...

cute! "elbow" is my favorite too! and, her hair is getting so long! she needs another ponytail, mom!!

i mailed your gifts yesterday! the ups guy told me you'd get them on tuesday!!! you must open them as soon as you get them!!!!!!!!!

kimmyk said...

yeah you wait...her in that cabinet will be a permanent fixture...along with the shit she learns to shove in the openings of the vcr/dvd player.


she's adorable. and her little fat fingers are so cute wiggling all over the place.

now she's gonna start repeating you're in for a good time!

The Partins said...

Yay Tatum!! I'm trying to teach Jamie to point to her nose... but she grabs the asker's nose instead... so close!

Robin said...

hey! check my blog...i think you're behind on like 4 posts!!! :) love you!!! call me when you get your christmas gifts!!