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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best Christmas Present Ever

Well it all started last Saturday ... Tatum went to my mom's, Bowden went to Angee's. We went to dinner and then to a new bar in town ... Cooter's. They have Wii's set up for the patrons to play. For free. We had never played before and we had a blast ... for about 2 hours. Then Andy let go of the remote and YEP it went "threw" the 60" TV ... yep crash! Busted, messed it all up. About 15 minutes into talking to the manager about what we will do with the tv, my phone rings. It was Angee, she needed us ... Bowden had been crying for 2 hours. She kept saying I am so sorry I called you ... I was like "girl I would have called you a lot earlier than 2 hours." Anyway ... we got home with him from her house at 10 ... gave him a bottle and put him to bed .... OKAY Christmas Present here you go ... he slept through the night. YEP ... 10 - 8. Every night since then he has either slept 8 - 8 or only woke one time (usually around 3) and out of 8 nights he has only woken 2 times. So thank you ... thank you my baby boy I love you, this was the best Christmas Present ever!

I have to admit it has been very hard to love him the way I loved Tatum from the get go ... the night before the night he slept he was still waking every 3 hours ... and it was starting to get to me. Emotionally that is, I went to work Wednesday before the night he slept in tears ... my dad sent me home and told me to sleep, take a bath and rest! I needed it ... mentally I was work out, and while I have loved him from the day I found out I was preggo with him it has been rough loving him the way I should have been!

Anyway ... what was your best Christmas present?!
Christmas Eve with my baby boy!

My real cabbage patch kid!

His name is Bowden!


Melanie said...

Gurl, between the pumpkin and the cabbage patch kid, you are creative on the kid pictures! I'm so glad that Bowden is doing well. Can't wait to see both babies soon! Hugs to you all!

kimmyk said...

great picture of mr bowden bless his little cabbage patch pickin heart!

and OMG...@ your husband tossin' the remote. Shit! So ya got yourself a broken 60" TV huh? Errr....

Andrea said...

Sometimes the best gifts are the kinds you can't wrap! Enjoy your restful nights.

The Smith Family said...

Wii remote crashing into tv = big oops! But they are fun to play. :-D

Great news about Bowden sleeping through the night. I hope he continues to do so for you. You deserve to get some rest yourself.

I love the cabbage patch pictures. He is so precious.

Tammy said...

I'm sorry. I'm not matrue enough to read this post.

Hee-Hee. You said "Cooter"!

Sorry. See? Not mature enough!

What a good boy, that baby is!

What did the manager say about the TV?

LCP said...

I am jealous...Jack is still up almost every 3-hours...sleeps once in awhile for 6, but I am still up at least once in the middle of the night and once in the early will get better, I know!

Love the pics, he is adorable.

Melanie said...

Hey! There is a Southwest Commercial that reminds me of the TV incident!! I'll always think of ya'll and make sure i'm WAY strapped in. Is it ok to post two comments?! Love you!