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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts and the lack of my comments ... I am reading your blogs, but I am swamped! Mommy of 2 under 2 isn't going like I thought! Haha I am exhausted!
So Sunday we were in a parade - Andy's Company (Whole Sale Produce) is expanding ... they are now selling door to door - A & A Produce on the Go!
In Myrtle Beach you can go to the site and order any produce you want on line
then they deliver it to you ... in a refrigerated box! Very nice! Anyway we were promoting it in a parade on Sunday ... Enjoy the pics!

Tatum getting ready for the Parade
Me and Bowden

Tatum liked the hat better then the ears!
Blowing kisses from the float -

Tatum with Nana - take away the cup it would have been a great photo!

This is what Bowden did most of the parade, the rest of it he was screaming!


Melanie said...

The parade looked fun and good for A&A expanding. He's taking the fruit to the people :) Wish I was closer to help with Bowden. Those cries are tough - just from listening on the phone calls.

Ma Kat said...

How cute! I love the pics. And I love your red sweater...where did you get it and is it from this year? :)

Also, the dancing video is way sweet. Love it!

Dawn said...

The parade looks like so much fun! The kids are precious! Thanks for sharing the pictures!