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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Young Love

Okay so the Hubbs and I went to dinner tonight ... we went to Miyabi's ... one of those OH SO great Japanese restaurants, you know the kind where they cook in front of you. Well we eat there at the least every 2 weeks. Sometimes we eat in the sushi bar (just in case you were wondering I have only eaten shrimp and crab both cooked since we found out I was preggers) ... anyway we either eat in the sushi bar or at the grill. We have a hard time eating at the grill when it is HOT outside because it is so darn hot inside! With the birth of this baby not far off we decided that we should go eat there as much as possible ...
Okay I will get on with the young love ... the cook comes and asks as always if anyone is celebrating anything special ... all of the cooks know us so we just grin and let them do their deal. The first 3 people at the table say nothing and then the VERY YOUNG couple seated next to us says ... "our anniversary." I look at Andy with that OMG how old can they be look ... maybe at the MOST 20. Then they proceed to say we are celebrating our 9 month anniversary ... I look over for the surprise on my husbands face. Yep they have on rings, they are married and here they are celebrating their 9 month anniversary. I was in shock not only that they were really their celebrating their 9 month anniversary, but that they were also ALL OVER each other. MY GOD GET A ROOM! Did they really think I wanted to sit right next to them groping and oohing and ahhing. Oh well ... Young love. How nice that 9 months was such a HUGE Milestone that it resulted in a night of going out and showing off all of your PDA moves. At the end of dinner when I stood to leave ... the Young love girl's eyes GOT HUGE ... which she then responded with a WOW how much longer do you have ... my response 4 weeks, can you believe I have been this way for almost 9 months?! .... HA AHA
Anyway should I feel bad because I thought it was silly they were there celebrating 9 months or should I feel bad that my Hubby and I didn't get all mushy like that at 9 months? Maybe I should feel bad that here I am SO HORMONAL that I am actually taking the time to write about some YOUNG COUPLE that is so in love it made me sick!
With that last line I am getting off of here ... Good Night and I wish the YOUNG LOVE couple the best of luck on the next 20 years ... or months for that case!


Labor Nurse said...

If it makes you feel any better there is a good chance they will be divorced in another nine months! Ha!

BTW, you look fabulous in your birthday pics below.

Anonymous said...

girl, give'em another 6 mos. and they'll be totally sick of each other. that's when the reality of "till death do us part" sets in, and they are like, what choo mean i gotta sleep with the same person for the rest of my life! haha! yeah, marriage is definitly the hardest thing i've ever done..
anyways, glad you and the hubby had a nice dinner out. you can go back with your little one. they love those kinda restaurants. at least my joe does. we started going with him at 9mos. and now we go about once a month.

kimmyk said...

there's a girl i work with they celebrate every month. he buys her flowers and she gives him blow jobs. what the hell.

crazy ass kids these days.

Chris said...

That is SO funny! I remember my first year of marriage working a dinner out or a movie with a "it's our five month anniversary honey"...LOL. Minus all that mentioned PDA though. We were never into the PDA thing. ICK. I mean a peck or holding hands is fine. I hate those couples that sit on the same side of the booth too when there isn't another couple with them. There is an icky couple at work that sits in the cafeteria EVERY day like that. It drives me INSAINE...again, like you I have no idea why. It just does! I hope you are laughing at this....LOL.
But you're right about what you commented on my will celebrate EVERY month of your childs life and never tire of it!
WOOHOOO!!!! I can't wait to see what day Tatum will come!

KimmyK said...

Labor Nurse:
THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I love being preggers ... it is getting a little miserable but over all the pregancy has been a breeze, so I like it!

KimmyK said...

Katie - NO JOKE girl, when I walked down the isle at 29 I thought it was going to be total bliss forever ... hahahahah it is nice we get along great, but at times you are right it is very very hard!

Wendy said...

The love fest will be over before thy know it. I hate PDA like that, especially when I'm trying to eat.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks for linking me!

There's definitely a time & a place for such PDA. Like in your own house!!! Not over sushi with other people around you! :0)