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Monday, May 07, 2007

I Will Be a Mommy Sooner Than Expected!

Well here it is your latest baby update from The Kemp House -
I went to the Dr today just for a check up on my rash ... it has gotten much worse and is spreading fast ... all the test results came back and it is defiantly PUPPS. They were trying to narrow it down from 2 things ... the other (which I can't remember right this minute) has been ruled out! With my rash check up the doctors have determined that the Baby is LARGE! By large I mean she is already measuring a 40 week length and she should only be at 33.5 weeks. I will be 34 weeks on Friday. I am gettign ready to google I am not sure how early they can "take" her but they way the Dr sounded was it will be before end of May!
I have not dilated or thinned any ... I had a ultra sound scheduled for June 6th ... they have pushed that back to May 16th ... the ultra sound will give them a better "measure" and they will decide from there to induce me or schedule a C-section.


Anonymous said...

Well, i think 37 weeks is considered pretty much done, right? but hell, i don't know. could be sooner. but the sooner the better, right? or maybe not. hehe. :) enjoy the sleeping in while you can, girl. :)
I measured really big too. then he came out and looked about the size of a 6 month old. he was right at 10 pounds. wish i had had a c-section!!

kimmyk said...

how exciting!!!

just think if she keeps growing she can walk on out reach up and take your hand and say "lets go home mommy" if she gets any damn bigger.

what are you feedin that kid?

Chris said...

Typically they won't take the baby before 37.5 weeks. That is what my OB said and that had to be "medically necessary" otherwise it's 39 weeks to induce. You obviously have a medical reason so you are probably looking at 36-37 weeks. They'll have a better idea from your u/s next week. That's SO exciting! You're baby is going to be here SOON!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you're due date was a bit off. I had a C-section with Lindsay feel free to email me if you have any questions. I didn't think it was too bad!
Lindsay and I went to Orlando this weekend. We've been gone since Sat and just got back last night. I've got TONS of Blogging to do...
Catch up with me soon. Take care!

Roadkil said...

Keep us posted and we will be thinking of you. "The Wife" has been induced once and had 3 "C"'s Her personal is the "C" she liked them better?? But there are always risks.
Keep up your spirits and everything will go GREAT!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

planned c-section is so the way to go. I never even went into labor, will never know what that feels like, nor do I want to know...