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Thursday, May 17, 2007

32, 35 and Crazy

Well Monday was my Birthday ... I am now officially 32 years young. I feel like a old hag but I really do not thing that 32 is old, nor do I think I look like a 32 year old woman. The 35 ... 35 represents how far I am with the pregnancy. I am officially 35 weeks tomorrow ... baby should be measuring 5 lbs and the Ultra Sound we had on Wednesday determined she is weighing
5lbs 15oz. Not as far off as they made me think it would be ... I kept telling them I was just fat ... maybe next time they will listen to me! Haha At the Dr. appointment today they did say they will probably induce 1 - 2 weeks early. I have another US scheduled for May 31st and we will see how much she has gained, then they will determine how early we will induce. No talk of a scheduled c-section just talk of induction ... which is fine with me I AM READY to meet the princess that has been kicking the tar out of me for the past 8 months.

Here are some Pictures from my Birthday ... Enjoy!
32 years old ... 35 weeks preggo
Me and my wonderful Hubby!
Me and Susan!
Pretty flowers from the wonderful Hubby!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You!! You look great in the pictures and the flowers your hubby got you are gorgeous. Das a good man right there, girl! :)

kimmyk said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!
You're such a beautiful mommy.

The hubs is a lucky man...and I think he knows it by the grin on his face and the pretty flowers he got you.

I hope that you're feelin' better.

Christie said...

aww great belly shots :)

Happy birthday

Wendy said...

Linked to you from Random and Odd. Happy Birthday and good luck with everything! I had a really big baby too so I know how you are feeling.

may said...

belated happy brithday!

my second baby was born when he was 35 weeks! he was more than ready, and so was i :) hang in there.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday! Happy 35 Weeks!! You're in the home stretch. I was induced with Lindsay at 39weeks2days. She was born the next day. We ended up with a C-section, like I've mentioned because I wasn't progressing and she was getting in distress. You and I had the same due date! Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll induce at 38...I was begging at 38 weeks! GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted. Looks like your little Tatum will roll in somewhere around 7.5-8 pounds. That's PERFECT!

Brad said...

Oh, and a month to go! Happy Birthday. 32 is young... well it is to old people. ;)