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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wild Card Wed and I am alive

I told a few I would play and told a few I would not ... but here I am playing.

Oh Friday the hubbs and I had "our" belly pictures taken ... I still have not purchased or decided on the exact ones I want so please excuse the writing across the picture, it is one I will purchase, but have not yet ... so here is my wild card ...


PS- Ultra sound and Dr appointment tomorrow I will update you all!


Stacie said...

OMGosh, how cute! Love it. How much longer?

Steph said...

Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE THE PICTURE !! SO CUTE !!

Kami said...

HEY LOOK! I do those with my clients!

katie said...

That picture is awesome! Y'all are so damn cute! anyways, hope all goes well at the doc's!

Chris said...

That pic is great! We're still here. We leave Sunday. Thanks for your email. I've been carless this week and working a ton. (my car needed a timing belt and it's taking them THREE freakin days)GRRR!
I love the belly pic. I threatened my hubby that I was going to do a pic like that. Your hub is a good sport! :)
Good Luck at the doc. Let me know how it goes!

Tammy said...

Love. It.

The Kept Woman said...


I LOVE it!!!!!

Double Bonus Point for making me laugh!!!