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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Off to the Races

Well I am outta here ... I am off to the races ... my last big outing before becoming a MOMMY! Holly beegeejesus ... I am getting nervous. I sat up all night on Monday worried to death about "to do lists" and such ... I thought I would have 6 weeks and now that may not be the case! I am sure a planner this is very hard for me to grasp! Haha
Other than that the meds (Prednisone) they gave me are wonderful ... the ITCH is gone and I feel great! I have a slight headache from the meds but I will take the headache over the ITCH any day! If anyone out there knows if that Prednisone will help develop babies lungs let me know ... since they are talking about taking her early ... just because she is BIG does that mean she is READY?! I am ready but is she?! Any feed back is welcome and I will catch up with all of you Monday after the race!


katie said...

Have a great time, girl! Enjoy yourself. and i am soo glad you are feeling more comfortable! :)

Chris said...

Have fun! Enjoy this last baby free "sort of" outing! SO glad you are feeling better. Not sure about the prednisone but my inclination would be to say it might help her lungs. However, not sure what dose your on etc.
Try not to worry about that part. That's what your OB is for! Have a great time!

kimmyk said...

Have a great time!
Relax and enjoy yourself and your free time.