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Monday, May 21, 2007

2 quick things

1st - I have changed my profile name to MBKimmy ... that is also what I am on my MySpace page. I wanted to make sure that NO ONE got confused ... KimmyK and I have been leaving comments on pages back to back and I thought it was going to get confusing to some people out there ... so not that any of you were confused but just to make sure you still knew it was me! Haha
Second thing - A Mommy Story lead me to this wonderful site offered by google - check it out!
It is called Light Iris and it is a google search engine specific to New Mommies ... check it out - you can search mommy stuff without all of the SPAM and PORN ... hope you like it and Thank you Mommy Story!

That's it for now, I go to the Dr again on Thursday to discuss how early they will induce or is it enduce ... which ever. We have another US scheduled for May 31st and I think that we are having our pictures taken this Wednesday at the Castle ... I will of course post some when we get them back!


katie said...

that's a very good website!
The day is drawing near! how exciting!
I wish i had gotten more ultrasounds. actually, my OB never did one on me except at 10 weeks when you can't see much. I had to go to Fetal Fotos to find out the sex and it cost me 200 bucks! but i did get a really cool video of joe doing somersaults in my tummy and some cool 3-D phtos of him. :)

Wendy said...

I knew there were two Kimmyks but only you comment on my blog so I wasn't confused but I can see how others may have been.
I saw the pictures of your nursery on your Myspace page and I LOVE IT! It is so cute and girly. I love the letters on the shelf too. In fact, I've been inspired. I have some plane white letters that spell Jayke and I'm off to decorate them this afternoon.
Have a great day!

kimmyk said...

I showed that lightiris site to a girl i work with (the one I told ya about with all the anniversary presents) she looked at it today-it's very cute!

i'm gonna miss seeing another kimmyk but i totally getcha. it was fun. you're still

Stacie said...

I'll check those sites out. I'm not a "new" mommy, but hey...I bet they'd let me play if I wanted to right? :P Good luck at the Dr.s When are you due?
Thanks for the visits, I love meeting new friens.