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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Pregnant Race Experiance

My Pregnant Race Experience
Well being at the Atlanta Race was not all that bad seems how I was not surrounded by people I knew. The Darlington Race however is a different story ... well I guess being 8 months preggo and swollen to the hilts did not help! I think it is fair to say that I was MISERABLE ... never mind the fact that since the PUPPS hit I have taken 2 - 3 baths a night for 2 months and I was out of town in a camper with no bath for 4 nights!
Everyone was drunk as hell ... with the exception of my parents ... my dad will drink a few, but I have only seen him drunk 2 times in my life and both were at college parties I threw. I have seen him with a buzz since then, but it is very very rare ... my mom on the other had will only drink a beer every once in a blue moon - I have never seen her drunk!
My Husband was on his race binge as usual ... and don't let me leave out the ever so wonderful comment "I want to get the party out of the system before Tatum gets here" what the fuck is that supposed to mean?! I have had to be a responsible MOM for 8 months now and I am assuming that will not go away anytime soon ... so this get the party out now shit really stuck a nerve this time!
This was the extent of my race experience:

Yep I bought a fan at Wally World ... it was the best $12 I have spent in MONTHS and I sat my Fat Ass in a reclining chair with the fan blowing on me, barking orders at my DRUNK hubby to get me H2O and Juice watched TV and chilled ... got a tan too!


Anonymous said...

you are a riot! too damn funny, girl. men are a trip, ain't they? :)
glad you could put your feet up and get a little R&R! :)

kimmyk said...

Sounds like a great time. Men kill me. When I delivered Adam Jamie went to a stripper bar with the logic-"I won't be able to do this again". Uh. Shaddup and go away.


Chris said...

What a hoot! ROFLMAO at the comment the other KimmyK left. Men are so weird. Let him have his little glory and think he's getting his "party on" one last time. What's it gonna hurt? You can get him back in the delivery room!! Heh,heh....
The bright side is you got a tan!! WOOHOO...I was so pasty white last summer it was ridiculous! Didn't you have an appt yesterday? HOw'd it go?