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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Visit from a friend and 11 comments :)

Hey Internet - hope you are doing well ... things here are still NUTZ! Yesterday Miss Tatum had a BREAK DOWN in the am. She did not sleep well Monday evening, you see she sucks her 2 middle fingers and when you have a stopped up nose, sucking those fingers is nearly impossible! Anyway long story short - THANK GOD that DH was at home to help me get her ready, because she was FREAKING OUT!!! Got her into the car for Day Care and she was asleep before I pulled out of the driveway ... so now what do I do?! With gas prices I can't just drive around ... um I'll just go get breakfast ... which by the way is way out of my way ... but I go get me 2 plain biscuit, and some of their great southern tea ... and start driving back the way I came from to take her to school. I drove about 7 miles under the speed limit - and I let her get a 40 minute nap in. When I dropped her off she was screaming mamma mamma as I was walking out - I wiped my eyes dry told her teacher call me if I need to come back and good luck. I got to the car ... cried my ARAS off and sucked it up, after all I have to go to work ... I didn't work Monday because I had to pick her up from school then. (With the not so busted busted lip) Okay the long story short isn't going to be so short after all ... DH goes to pick her up yesterday and they have ANOTHER injury/incident report for him to sign. Seems Tatum Bell fell off of the climbing matt and got some carpet burn on her forehead. (it must be getting better at least they didn't call us)
Wednesday is Daddy's day to take her to school and get her ready all by himself ... I go to work early on Monday and Wednesday (6:30) and he takes her to school. He called this am after drop off to tell me that this morning was one of the best mornings he had had with her, she was a JOY and very happy to be at school. MAYBE just MAYBE today will be a good day!

Okay now my visit ... Little Lisa (from my SnowBE's) came to visit us last night ... She wanted to see the new house and Tatum. She missed Tatum, she was already in bed ... but loved the house! She now lives in MD and her boyfriend flew here to surprise her ... she got into town on Monday and He surprised her that night at dinner ... her mom picked him up from the airport and he hid in the car for a while until he knew that she wouldn't be looking for him. How romantic! I love it, love that guys think of us like that ... she has been out and about traveling seeing a lot of our friends (other SnowBE's and people I don't know) and she wanted to skip home to see her mom and dad while she was down this way! Well ... get this everyone sit down ... Vinny (the boy friend) came to town JUST to ask her mom and dad for her hand in marriage ... he told my hubby that he was very nervous ... of course they both said yes, but ... they TOLD HER! Yep ... of course she asked and would have begged and pleaded, but they both told her that he asked. He was bummed ... and as we sat on our back deck last night laughing ... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time about how it was all ruined and how he would now have to pull off the engagement I was so happy for her! I think the FUNNIEST idea was him saying he was going to now pop the question at South of the Border, with signs saying Perdro says ... will you marry me! Hhaha I laughed so hard I almost cried! Anyway it will happen soon ... we all hope and I am glad that she stopped by to say hey and visit with us! He is a great guy and you can see the love he has for her in his eyes!

Okay this long post is almost over if you all are still with me ... Thank you and if you gave up reading I am sorry I was so long winded today ...

11 comments! Did you see that?! I had 11 comments last post! OMG I hit a double digit! A small double digit, but a double digit! Every time I read one of my many blog posts from my blog roll and I see that they have 20+ comments I day dream ... one day I will have 20 comments ... one day! Well I am 1/2 way there!

Here are some pictures from last night ... a barge went by the house and we were amazed with it ... hope you like them!

Here it is coming up the river - it is as tall as the condos on the other side!

Just in front of the house!

The thing is HUGE!!!

Of course I can't post pics with out one of Tatum!

Thanks for visiting Lisa ... you look great and hopefully congrats will be sooner than later! I love you!


My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

glad that your hubby had a good morning with your daughter. I love me so comments to. I hope you get 20 someday soon. I am checking in to see when that baby is going to be born.

The pool near the canal looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your house, oh and of course Bowden when he arrives. Love you Courtney

The Smith Family said...

I'm glad you had a great visit with your friend. You've been so stressed out lately it's nice to be able to sit back and have a great laugh!

Wendy said...

I know how you feel about the comments. I used to get a bunch but when I stopped blogging for a while during my move back home I lost my peeps.

I hope Tatum adapts to school soon. It takes some time but she will be fine...and you will too!

Anonymous said...

girl, you look great!

and, of course, tatum looks adorable!

4 DAYS!!!!!!!!

Dawn said...

I ran across your blog today and wanted to say hi! Love the blog!

Chris said...

Great pics! Glad you had a good time the other night. I agree with needed that! Try to relax and enjoy these last few days with Tatum. It will be all be good soon! Give Robin a big ol' hug from me too!
I'm soooo holding on to the idea of a girly weekend next year!!!!!!

Stacie said...

wow! Tatum is getting so big! What a cutie! Gosh, you have so much going on..that's so sweet about your friends boyfriend asking her parents first. Who says there's no romance anymore? oh. wait. That was me. :P
The views from your new place are gorgeous!

LCP said...

Wow, that barge is HUGE on that tiny river. Wow.

So if I post a few times, even the same thing, does it count toward your 20 comments??

Hope you have a great day.

Andrea said...

How cool that you get to see boats pass by your house! Tatum probably already loves it and Baby #2's first word will probably be "boat" ; )

Anonymous said...

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