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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another I can't do THIS day!

I am fat ... people seriously I am FAT! Not only was I FAT before I got preggo, but now here I am 8 months preggo ... it is HOT as HELL outside and I am FAT! Never mind that I am FAT chasing a 13 month old, but it is HOT ... I have a 13 month old and we are in the middle of moving ... OMG! I can't do this! Who's idea was all of this ... I know I know get over yourself ... suck it up, you are a mommy to a beautiful baby girl, you are moving into your dream home on the river and you are having a baby in 33 days! Get over it ... YEAH all of you that say that PLEASE PLEASE lets trade places for the last 4 weeks.
I am so tired, I am having a very hard time carrying Tatum around ... you see I have this HUGE belly and did I mention that it is hot?! I am trying to pack, take care of her and stay healthy for baby 2. I am so so happy I am a mommy, don't get me wrong here ... I am glad we are having another baby, but seriously why and how did it all come down to being so so close together ... I know everything happens for a reason, God wont give me more than I can handle ... well would someone please tell him I can't handle anymore?! I tell him every day and he isn't listening yet!

Pray for my sanity people, pray!

PS the BH (Braxton Hicks) have kicked in FULL BLAST and I am also now in pain!


Robin said...

i'm so sorry, kim! don't feel bad about complaining! with all that you're doing right now, you're entitled to complain. it doesn't make you a bad person or mom!

i'm praying for you! :) and, i'll see you in 3 weeks, 5 days.

kimmyk said...

let it out!

throw yourself on the floor and kick your feet.

you seriously have reason.

braxton hicks suck man!!!
i'd cuss too if i were you.

let it out!!!!

Chris said...

I agree...LET IT OUT. I know you feel like you want to go insaine and take it out on someone/something! You WILL get through all this!!! My BH started really bad around that time too. Night time is the worst too. Pace yourself girl that's my best advice. Do all you can NOW because in two more weeks you're REALLY going to slow down. I did.
I'm with you, I'm thinking of you and I'm glad I'm boldly going BEFORE you this FRIDAY...tee,hee. HEY! You're at the one month mark though on Friday. I know you can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

LCP said...

You have every right to be feeling that way, I remember the last 4-weeks of pregnancy with Josey, and I will be reliving it in another 8-weeks. But, you are right, God never gives you more than you can handle...and you can handle this. Lots of water, lots of can do it and before you know it, it will all be over and you will be moved in and happy with your new baby in your arms!!!

Keep that head up!!

Christina said...

Complain all you want - it's your right to do so when you're that pregnant.

I was in a similar situation (well, no house to move to) and being pregnant while chasing around a toddler sucks. It sucks even more when you're on the overweight side (which I was, too).

The only good news I can give is that it seems to be easier to lose some of the baby weight after the second baby. And it'll feel great to have your body back, even if you are busier taking care of two instead of one now.

Becca said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling have every right! You have a lot on your plate right now. Try to keep your head are almost there!

Stephanie said...

I can't even IMAGINE what you are going through all at once. You ARE going to get through it and you will look back and wonder "how the hell did I do all of that and MAN I am awesome!!" Oh, your comment on my blog made me laugh. Toby would never answer my calls when I was really pregnant either. Drove me insane. One time I called and left a frantic screaming message "I JUST HAD THE BABY ON THE SIDE OF THE INTERSTATE" and hung up. He learned his lesson.