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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frustration WITH DH

Over here ... Stephanie's Addiction , Stephanie leaves a very funny, but close to home blog ... which inspired me to write mine. You see she was PISSED (only for a short while) at her husband ... it seems that he said he was going out side "real quick" to feed the dogs, saying he would be "right" back. 20 minutes later she looked out the window to see him "hanging out" with the neighbors and she was inside that entire time taking care of a still sick baby ... okay so you get it. She started to express her frustration about her hubby not only saying I'll be right back but then not being there to help deal with crabby child ... so this is my suggestion ... lets have a BITCH blog titled FRUSTRATION WITH DH. When ... right now of course -

Here is mine ...
as you all know at this point I am 8 months preggo, we have a 13 month old daughter and we are in the middle of moving, looking for a new Day Care and working. As if that isn't enough ... DH works very weird hours ... he owns and operates his own Produce Distribution Company ... 2 days a week he goes into work at 4 am and gets off around 4 pm ... since we are in the middle of a remodel and a move ... he then goes to the "River House" to get things ready ... this is not my complaint! (I love him and all the hard work he is doing to get us in and I know soon he is going to FALL on his face tired) the other 4 days he goes in around 6am and off around 4pm and works at house until at least 7ish. Now here is my problem he has this Crack Berry (Black Berry Phone) That thing is his LIFE LINE ... he even uses it to answer e-mails while we are at the Dr appointments ... he has all these different rings for everyone ... all these alarms to tell him Text Massage, E-mail, or just a plain ole phone call. His Produce Co has gotten so large since he/they bought it that they are now running a night crew ... we get calls all hours of the evening ... did I mention I go to be by 9?! Never after midnight, but usually up until 11ish. We get calls at dinner because someone didn't get their Spring Mix or someone is out of celery ... he handles it gets someone over right away ... so you see he is in CONSTANT use of this CRACK BERRY ... Ya'll still with me?!
So yesterday I called him 4 times ... once to see how Tatum was when he dropped her off at school ... you know a mom worries about stuff like that. (He didn't answer) Another was to remind him to go check out the new day care. (He didn't answer) Are you seeing a pattern here? The third was to ask him what THE PLAN was for the rest of our "move" (he didn't answer) and last I called to tell him that if he was home to go hide, I was going to try to put Tatum down for a short nap after school so we could pack some more ... if she sees him it is over ... after all HE IS FUN DADDY! (He didn't answer)
So this to you my dear friends ... what the HELL IS HIS PROBLEM?! HAHAHA
This is my only beef with DH ... oh how I love him, but he NEVER answers MY call the one he should he doesn't. I did however get several e-mails from him yesterday ... asking if I was okay and was everything alright ... you see he would rather text or e-mail it is "easier" .... damn maker of that Crack Berry should be SHOT!!!

Will you play??? What is your Frustration with DH ... you can only list ONE!!!


LCP said...

I am surprised you actually remembered the reasons you called him...oh, but I digress. I usually think of something, need to call him, call him, leave a message, then forget the reason I called in the first place. My problem, he never checks his messages, just sees that I called, calls me back, then I forget the darn reason I called in the first place. Darn boy pregnancy hormones and swiss cheese brain!!

My main beef with him...he NEVER does the dishes!! NEVER, unless I badger him for days (and since we don't have a dishwasher, they sit there for days). I just wish he would see them, and do them, not just continue to pile them up. Ugh...but that is a small beef!!

Chris said...

ICP cracked me up at you remembering what you called for...seriously, you're good. LOL!

I loved what Steph wrote too about telling Toby she just had the baby on the side of the highway...TOO FUNNY!

My beef right now is everything I complain about right now my husband has the same. Since he is still recovering from surgery and all. Last night I said "My back is killing me" his response "Mine too". Today I said "I slept like shit last night, I'm so tired" his response, "me too". I'm like I know he isn't lying and he's still recovering but I'm like DAMN...can I have my own aches and pains for one day. I know I should just say
"Dang my vagina hurts" or something he can't agree with right? That would solve it. It's selfish and I'm just hormonal but DARN IT I'm FAT AND PREGNANT and POPPING TOMORROW!!! A LITTLE SYMPATHY OVER HERE PUHLEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

kimmyk said...

first of all, what does DH mean?

Don't get me started with this because i will not shut up.

Wendy said...

I'm afraid I am disqualified for this one since my "DH" is no longer in the picture. I could fill an entire blog about what issues he had! That is if I weren't afraid it would be used against me in the big D.

I do have to admit that I am a crack berry addict myself. I text all day long and if I can't find my phone I panic.

Stephanie said...

Shockingly, I do not have a frustration with DH today! Notice I said TODAY. There aren't many days I can say that!! I guess I should confess though - he went fishing with his Dad this afternoon/evening so maybe THAT'S why I'm not frustrated. LOL!

Anonymous said...

ok, you know i totally love my husband. HOWEVER...

he also has a blackberry (crack berry, ha, ha) & he keeps it in a case on his belt (kind of dorky, i know). anyway, sometimes his hand brushes up against it or the seat belt will hit it or whatever & it'll trigger it to dial whatever number he most recently dialed, which 85% of the time is my work number or my cell number. my phone will ring & i'll answer it, only to hear static or the radio or him talking to his reporter (if he's at work). i'm like, "hello? matt?" "hello?" -- after about 10 seconds i hang up. a few minutes later, i'll call him back & say "hey, your phone just called me." & he says, "no, it didn't." and i'm like, "yes, it did". and, he's like "well, your number isn't on my recently dialed list" & i'm like, "i swear you called me. it was your number on caller ID". anyway, after about 5 minutes of going back & forth, i give up & hang up.

then, there are times when i call him & i get his voicemail -- when i know he's fully able to answer his phone (like driving a long distance or sitting at home, whatever). when i finally get him, i'll say, "hey, i called you 3 times about an hour ago, but you didn't pick up" & he's like, "well, i didn't hear it ring. my phone was sitting right here with me. i don't have any missed calls" & i'm like, "well, i called you! i know your number & it was your voice on the voicemail. it was you!" after about 5 minutes of going back & forth about this, i get frustrated & hang up.


The Partins said...

email him every minute for 5 hours and tell him if he misses your call again, you will double it.

In the middle of the night, change your ring to you screaming "Answer the phone, Byatch!" That should work. haha