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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Well ... I am having another bad day! Seems like I have been having a lot of those lately. We have hired out some help on the house ... not much but a little ... with each and every person it is like they work work work and work good for the first few hours, days or week ... and then SHIT! Crap I tell you - they all go to crap. So that my friends is disappointment numero uno!
Numero dos is we have asked favor of "Friends" that can do things we need done ... just like the hired help they are great the first few items and then either they tell us they will be done by a certain day or time and they aren't or what they said they could do ... they really can't!
Number 3 - haha I ordered baby furniture - we made the decision that both babies will share a room upstairs until we are sure Tatum is sleeping through the night and until we are comfy with the new house ... The master bed room is up with one other room. At our current house the master is down with Tatum's now room and 2 beds up. I am much more comfy with her up by herself than down by her self ... crazy? I dunno. Anyway I wanted Tatum to have white but when I found out she was a girl I had already ordered brown ... so boy this time ... he will get the old and I will get Tatum new ... so I order NEW BEAUTIFUL white stuff. It was delivered about 5 weeks ago ... we never opened the boxes because we couldn't put it together here ... and then move it?! So I kept it rapped up all safe and sound until today ... it is CRAP!!! CRAP I tell you ... I could have gotten better stuff from the thrift store! Serious ... mom and I started to put it together at the NEW house and several pieces were dinged up, scratched ... no biggie we can touch up the paint ... however it is very poorly made ... very flimsy! I left in tears ... said I had to go ... I HATE IT!
So what a great way to start my long weekend ... unhappy! Geesh will it ever be easy?!
Hope you all have a great 4th and a better start to a long weekend than I am having!

Oh yeah I can't send it back due to being delivered so long ago!


Chris said...

Girl I would SO call that company and bitch til you get your way!! I'm sorry that happened...that sux. I totally understand what you're going through. I've been waiting for other people to do things too and it doesn't happen or I call someone else who will do it! My house is a stye and I need someone to clean my floors before we bring baby home. I know I'm going to end up doing it myself on Sunday night when Lindsay goes back to grandma's house. Whatever. Maybe vac and mopping will put my a$$ into labor!

Hang in there! I would SERIOUSLY talk to someone in customer service about that furniture!

Wendy said...

Return it. I'm sure you won't be there first person who didn't put their furniture together right away and most store want satisfied customers.

Hope you have a good weekend despite your troubles with the house!

The Smith Family said...

Things will get better, they just will. I'm sorry about the help and the furniture. We have been doing home repairs for the past 6 months just little things here and there but it seems like no one every finishes one task before they start the next so I feel like I have a bunch of half-done improvements around the house which drive me nuts! But that is what you get when you rely on friends and family to help, they have their own lives and even if they say they can dedicate time to help you they always have something else come up that they have to tend to. I'm sorry!

As for the furniture, there should be a return policy, 90 days at least. That just stinks! Good luck and remember there is always a bright side to everything and it will get better!!

kimmyk said...

i would call the company like chris said. and cry. get all hormonally raging on that phone and cry.

hang in day at a time. it's all gonna be okay!
hugs girlie and happy 4th!

Boom said...

the worst. sorry to hear about all of the bad news.
: (
EVERYTHING is returnable. Or at least up for exchange....give it a shot?!