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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Yard in Pictures

The boys (my Hubby, Dad and some workers from my company and Andy's company) have been working in the yard here and there ... today they got serious!
Mom and I had pulled all the weeds and planted some "green" along the pool then added some concrete scallops around it. The boys had been working on the sprinkler system and removing of some large plants and such. We (they) added another retain wall to the yard to cut out the SLOPE of it. Now we have a retaining wall and a Sea Wall. Here are the before and afters ...

Whatcha Think?!

Front Yard when we first bought it!

Weeds and over grown bushes

Notice all the grass in the beds and weeds!

After - Weeds all gone - all we need now is MULCH!

Back yard - BEFORE

Back Yard - before - look at the beds

After - Added some plants and cut all the others back & Mulch!

Back Yard with BIG Slope - Before

Back Yard with big slope - Before

During - Building the retaining wall

Bringing in the Sod ... 6 palates

Front yard all done ... from the sprinklers and all the trucks in and out we had to put down new sod!

The light green grass is all new ...

Retaining wall and all sod in place!

No more slope!

Retainer wall and Sea Wall ... with beach!

New Yard with Pool

New Yard with River View!

Pool with deck and yard all cleaned up!


Anonymous said...

oh, wow! that looks so good & so much better than when you first bought it. i know you'll enjoy that pool!! :)

Goodrow Gang said...

Looks like a lot of work. Looks fabulous.

Chris said...

Wow, that is phenominal. The back yard especially looks SO MUCH BETTER! Love the new retaining wall and how it all looks. The pool looks fabulous too. You guys are going to have a fabulous time in that house when you can finally stop, relax and enjoy it! Just think this time next summer that will be exactly what ya'll are doing! We are SOOOO there next time we come to MB. When's the first pool party???

Andrea said...

Looks Fantastic! Can't wait to see pics of the inside too!

Christina said...

Wow, so much work, but it looks beautiful! I love the retaining wall.

LCP said... looks like a resort...can I come spend the weekend! I really like the house painted blue, and all the work on the retaining wall, wow! You guys did a lot of great work. Enjoy.

Boom said...

I think I could take a vacay at your place!

Angela said...

Everything looks great!! When you are finsihed there come on by my place and do you magic here. It is not like you are busy or anything ;)!!!!

Heather said...

Wow! I remember some of the pictures from when you first bought the house. It is turning out great!

Tasha said...


Anonymous said...

lookin' good, girl! great pics!

The Kept Woman said...

Gee, I can't really tell...maybe I should come down there and see for myself how it know, so that I can give you an honest opinion. I don't take up much room and would bring my own Oreos to munch on while I sat at the pool and pondered the whole thing...

The Smith Family said...

Your house looks great. I wish I lived in a warmer climate, Ohio weather is so unpredictable!

Thanks for the kind words and advice about my appointment yesterday. My family told me to do the same thing and to call my doctor and ask to speak to him. He had an emergency yesterday so that's why I wasn't able to see him, I understand that happens in his business...BUT the nurse was a complete WITCH.

Congrats on your scheduled c-section, it's excited when you know the date and you are able to plan around everything.

Wendy said...

Lookin good!

Becca said...

Your yard looks AWESOME!! Love your view from the back. There is nothing better than being on a body of water! Look forward to seeing pics of the house! Good luck with the move!