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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Okay and Thanks to all of YOU!

I am swamped at work, but I really wanted to thank all of you for your kind words, and all of your support! It means so much to know that some/most of you have all questioned your ability or been overwhelmed too! Thanks for sharing and being honest with me!
I am not sure why it has been easier to write about my "bad" emotions than to talk to people around me, but it is ... talking just makes me say it out loud and I feel that it makes me cry even harder ... haha
Anyway I am doing well ... yesterday and today have been good - we are in the end of the house - Andy has been home 2 nights in a row for dinner and bath time with Tatum and that has helped me a lot! We will start to move middle of next week :) I will be posting pictures very very soon!


Robin said...

whoo-hoo! it's almost moving day!! how exciting! finally moving will lift a huge weight off your shoulders, i know! BUT, you are NOT allowed to move heavy boxes or anything, woman! you just tell everyone where to put stuff (while you're relaxing in the pool...)

can't wait to see pictures! :)

Chris said...

I agree with ROBIN! Delegate, delegate, delegate! Glad to hear moving day is so close. Good luck. I'm saying prayers for you to sell the other house as well. Hang in there!!!

Your Blog sis Chris!

Heather said...

Hey everybody needs to vent somtimes. Case in point - the post I am about to put up. I can't believe the move is so soon! It was great to hear that the hubby was home a bit more this week.