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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Several BM's

If any guys are reading or any woman who do not care to talk about bowel movements ... stop reading NOW!!!

You see this is the problem ...
at home Tatum only poops 1 MAYBE 2 times a day
at daycare she is going poopie 4-5 times a day!
I have NEVER had to use diaper ointment on her, but at daycare ...
they have to use it with every change from Tuesday on!

She was home from School last Friday, because Aunt MelBel came to visit. Tatum was with me Friday, Saturday and with her Grandmama on Sunday ... she only went #2 2 times Friday, 1 time Saturday and 2 on Sunday ... no ointment needed!

They are changing her 6-7 times a day at school, so I know she isn't sitting in it ... I get a report card with times and description ... gross I know! I also get description on her time of each bottle (which we pre make and send) her snacks and her lunch ... which I also send! The ONLY difference I know if home and school is this:

1) Her length of nap. At home she takes 2 1.5 hour naps ... one in the am and one in the afternoon, at school she takes 1 nap ... ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Usually after 12.

2) At school she is on more of "eating" schedule. It is a 3 hour cycle. At home we eat the same amount, just not on such a schedule.

So this is where you all come into the picture ... what is the problem?! Is this a bad sign? Are infants like adults ... they get nervous poops?! Is she having nervous problems at school?! Is she okay?! Should I find a new daycare?! Is it daycare at all?! Help ... advise PLEASE!!


Anthony said...

I get nervous poops. When some big event is happening and I'm all worked-up over it. Poop time.

I'd also like to have a 45-minute nap in the afternoon.

Robin said...

happy birthday, tatum!!!!! :) love you!!!!

Chris said...

Anthony is a hoot. LOL!

Ok, Linds seems to go more at school too. She goes through phases. Also, is she teething? One year molars gave Lindsay wicked bowel habits AND diaper rash. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure daycare is fine. Maybe mention it to your ped next visit and see if they have any input. Just my Humble mommy opinion.

Luv ya!

The Partins said...

Maybe it is being away from home? Maybe from running around and playing so much there. She could be a nervous pooper too... I'm with Chris, ask your doc.

LCP said...

Josey does the exact same thing, poops more at school than at home. Sometimes, she will go all weekend without a poop, but goes at least 2-3 times at school. Not sure why, maybe since everyone else is going, she things she needs to also? I don't know. But the diaper rash things stinks, we don't have that problem. I think it is OK...but check with your ped to be sure.