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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Only one thing could have made this Father's Day better ... cooler weather!
I told Andy and my dad that the only thing happening on Sunday was NO WORK ALLOWED!

Those 2 men have been at our River house working every evening after work and EVERY weekend since February 10th. I feel like a girl with no dad and no husband on some days! So you ask how did it go?! It went well! NO ONE worked at the house at all!

We woke up and got ready for the beach, we figured we would hit the beach early to avoid the heat ... being 7 months preggo in 100 degree + weather isn't FUN! ... so we were at the beach by 8:30 and were there until about 11. Tatum ate only a few hands of sand and it was wonderful ... then we came home, Andy opened his presents ... he got new sunglasses and 2 battery operated fish for the pool. Nothing like some pool fun! Tatum took a 2 hour nap and mommy took a 1.5 hour nap! Both much needed. Then it was off to Andy's parents ... his Papa came over, and my parents came over ... we grilled out and opened gifts for Tatum's Birthday! It was wonderful ... now for what you have been waiting for ... the pictures!

First Tatum with Grammpy (My dad) this year first and last year second:

With her Grandpapa (Andy's dad) this year first and last year:

Tatum with both Grandpa's last year ... they forgot their shirts this year!

At the beach ... notice the one of her choking on the sand ... haha silly girl!

Love my Daddy!

Bubbles with Grandmama (Andy's Mom)

Finally Cake!

Look at all the cake on the side of the chair ... haha

Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures! See you guys later this week!


Heather said...

Those beach pictures are adorable. Good for you not letting the guys work on Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

aww, love the pictures!! Happy Father's Day to Andy!

Anonymous said...

she is so cute! you find the cutest clothes/bathing suits/shoes for her!

45 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

She is adorable! Her beach outfit is so cute and colorful.

Looks like she really enjoyed her cake, didn't she? Happy birthday, Tatum!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Such cute picures!! I love the before and afers with the grandpas. So sweet. It's amazing how much our babies grow over the course of a year.