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Monday, July 28, 2008


We didn't have such a good day today ...
It started with Andy having to open at work ... that means he is up at 3:30 AM and at work no later than 4am. Monday is not my day to take Tatum to school ... Andy is supposed to. But his people at work are all trying to get their time off before the arrival of Bowden. So ... I get up get ready go into her room to wake her up ... she is covered in snot ... yep dry snot nasty snot ... FIGURES Andy had it 2 weeks ago and then me ... so it was time for her. I called my work and told them I would be late IF I would be in at all because she was sick. We get to the Dr. ... NOTHING wrong with her. Clean ears, clean chest, clean mouth ... NOTHING! Okay so I am freaking out ... I KNEW she was sick I really thought she was.
So onto daycare she goes ... I drop her off at 9 am ... she is usually there by 7:15 ... I get a call at 11 ... "Tatum has had an accident, we can't calm her down, She split her lip WIDE open and I think you may need to come down here!" OMG I am freaking out ... what do you mean WIDE OPEN ... all I could picture was her lip hanging off, stitches needed and a freaked out baby. I could hear her screaming in the back ground! I was freaking ... I get there ... GUESS ... Just Guess ... She was sitting on the floor sucking her fingers NO TEARS, NO BLOOD ... just chillin'!
OMG ... oh well I guess the upside of all of it is that she is not sick, she is not hurt and I love her!

Have a good night!


Andrea said...

Yes, indeed. The bright side is she is not sick, she is not hurt, and you love her!

The Kept Woman said...


Glad she's OK even though that scare was not what you needed at this point!!

Chris said...

Glad you called me back today. Too funny. I'm so glad Tatum did not need to make another trip to the doc. What a weird Monday anyway. GLad you took her home and I hope you both got some rest.
Talk to you soon.

Goodrow Gang said...

What a day! It is on those days that things that just happening. I had one of those sucky days yesterday. Thank goodness for the good days to remind you of how awesome your life is.

absurdly yours said...

Glad whe was okay. I just found your blog through Mama'a Losin It. I love all the remodeling pictures.

Anonymous said...

oh, man! what a day! glad everything is okay, though.


LCP said...

Don't you hate it when you get a call from daycare...for whatever reason!! I am glad she is OK, both her lip and sickwise...and I hope she doesn't get sick!!

Hope you have a great week.

kimmyk said...

i'm glad she's not sick. or wasn't hurt.

why the heck would they startle you like that? that's not right to do that to a pregnant momma!

Elleoz said...

I have had those kind of days too! Aren't they fun? (NOT so much?)

At least you are looking on the brigt side of things *stifle chuckle*

Have a great night!

The Smith Family said...

When it rains it pours! I'm sorry about your day! At least she's not sick and not hurt.

How are you feeling? Not too much longer and you'll have your little boy with you as well!

My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

Glad she is okay. That must have been scary getting that call at work.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Hope it gets better.