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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This post not intended for the "queezie"

Andy came home from working on the house on Sunday and said that he can't wait for the house to be finished ... I said I know, me either. His response was I am sick of being HURT. I just started laughing ... then he pulled out the camera and said Honey for real look at this ...

First his finger - he hammered it -
Note the black dot on the tip of the thumb -

The dot on the thumb - was hit here on the floor
he hit is SO hard that it did not cut it open, it just PUSHED the blood out of it!

Next we have the top on his thumb - he almost cut it off with a
electric screw gun - here it is bandaged up!

Here we have a head injury

He was busting out tile and one flew up and cut his head!

More tile flying up on his leg ...

My response was well if you put this .... (see below) down you may not be so hurt!


But in the end ... this is what we have ...

Once this was 2 bathrooms, one very small one in the Master

and the other was HUGE and for the guest/babies room.

Now as you can see it is ALL torn out and ready to clean up then add all the

good stuff back in - here is a shot from the Master bath door all the way to

the other end wall ...

This was what it looked like before -

Master end - tiny side

Huge guest/baby end BATH

HUGE walk in shower and vanity on that end also


Heather said...

Um, ouch.

Sorry to read about Tatum's UTI and the side effects of her antibotic. I hope she's feeling better.

tommie said...

first...ummm ouch!

second...the scorpian is the reason we have Orkin come out monthly!

finally ....the bathroom looks awesome!

oh wait, one more finally, it never ceases to amaze me how much beer it takes to finish a project.

kimmyk said...

those pictures made my tummy warm.

bless his heart.

Chris said...

OUCH....that was a funny post though. I just can't wait to see the finished product!!! Maybe you should get hubs a helmet...tee,hee!!

The Kept Woman said...

For God's sake...would you hire someone before he kills himself over there!??!!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

oooh, ouch!!! man, that looks like it hurt! hope he's okay.

You have a great weekend!

Tara said...

I hope your husband stays safe finishing your house. I hope Tatum is feeling better.