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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Need a hospital worker to HELP!!!

I do not think that any of my readers work at a hospital, but if you do and I didn't know I AM SORRY and if you don't, but you know someone that does ... HELP!!! I am in need of a nose sucker ... not sure what the REAL name is ... all I know is that is sucks the snot out of a babies nose before they figure out how to blow! We had one and it was wonderful ... have bought 6 ... yes 6 and all of them suck ... I have searched HIGH and LOW for a hospital grade nose bulb and can't get them. I WILL PAY!!! I WILL PAY ... did I say I WILL PAY for 1 or 2 just in case we mis place another!

Can you help?!

PS if you are a NEW mom or a expecting mom ... or just know someone who is going to be a mom ... tell them, remind them or inform then that these things are GOLD GOLD I say and that they should guard them with their lives!


Andrea said...

I sooo know what you are talking about and I am also drawing a blank on the correct terminology of the tool. Have you tried your pediatrician's office?

LCP said...

nasal bulb syringe or irrigator or aspirator...I think those are some of the correct names. I have one I got with a "pack" of stuff, but have not been able to find another good one either. Stinks, because they are gold when you use them with saline...

good if you find one somewhere.

Christina said...

The First Years makes a bulb syringe (snot sucker) that we have used with success.

Add saline drops in first, then suck out the snot and saline. Just remember to compress the bulb before putting it in her nose. :)

Chris said...

I work at a hospital...THE BABY FACTORY here in Atl. I will see if I can score you one from there and mail it to you. I don't have my hospital one anymore. We bought one at Target and it's not as good. I have some friends up in L&D so I may be able to score one. IF not I'll get an extra when I'm in the hospital in July...promise!!

Becca said...

I am a peds nurse, and we just call them bulb syringes. I forget what brand we use. Can grab 1 or 2 for you if you want and send them your way. Let me know!