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Friday, April 25, 2008

The joys of being preggers

okay so the WORST thing about being preggo the second time around when your baby is STILL just a baby .... the poop. OMG ... my nose is so sensitive, it was when I was preggers with Miss T, I can smell things from MILES away. Andy, my mom and my dad all laugh very hard at me. Someone will walk in the door and I will be on the other side of the room -
Me: Geeses, take a bath would ya
Them: r u serious "we" can't smell anything
Me: you don't smell that horrible BO
Them: no

Me: something is burning
Andy: where
Me: I don't know you don't smell it
Andy: probably in China
Me: seriously I smell burning
Andy: half ass walks around the house looking for burning ... honey you left you iron on AGAIN ...
Me: I told you something was burning :)

So ... back to the point ... Miss T and her poop ... it STINKS my gosh does it stink! NASTY stuff there ... never had a problem changing her until I went and got all knocked up again. haha
So that is my worst part of this pregnancy -

How bout you?! Wanna share?

Stephanie - I am guessing you will say heart burn or constant sick. Girl you had it bad the entire 9 months!


Andre said...

Maybe I am speaking out of turn, but I think the worst part for Heidi is that she feels that she can't do anything anymore. We are a team and now that she is pregnant I wont let her up on a ladder or mow the grass. She feels as if she isn't pulling her weight around the house. So I guess the worst part is a self esteem issue.

Moi said...

I had heartburn, constant sick, the amazing smell detector, AND vertigo!

There is a reason we don't have more kids ...

Laura said...

Being FAT.

Back pain.

Heart burn.

Being FAT.

angela said...

With Kade the smell of meat cooking would push me over the edge. Luke, was the feeling that everytime I stood he was going to fall out. Alex, was being pregnant for the second summer in a row.

Chris said...

I feel you girly! I couldn't change a poopy diaper the whole first tri and into the second. Now they don't bother me so much. Mike was a DOLL about it though. She could send me running from a room man!
Mostly the second time around sucks because I hate feeling helpless once I've pushed myself too much and I'm done. Try explaining to a 22 month old that you can't get on the floor to play blocks because if you do YOU'LL NEVER GET UP AGAIN!!! LOL. I'll be so happy to feel like ME again.
I agree with Laura...being FAT sucks. LOL!

kimmyk said...

i hated all the peeing.
i pee'd so much it's a wonder i still have a urinary tract.

i remember the smelling though. that was wicked cool.

not so wicked cool on the iron though-make sure you turn that off. new house and all.

Stephanie said...

You guessed right! Constant sick and nausea and a lump in my throat for 9 months straight. It went away the INSTANT she arrived.