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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Big Day - send me strength

Big Day - send me strength
Well it is Sunday ... 8:31pm and the hubbs and I are watching UFC fights that we have recorded and haven't been able to watch yet. I had a good day home with Tatum, my MIL said she would keep Tatum today so I could help work on the house, but I turned her down to stay home with her before her BIG DAY!!!
Yep tomorrow she starts school. OMG! I tried to tell her several times and I do not think she got it! haha I only cried once today and I really tried hard to tell myself this too will be OKAY! She needs it, I know she does. When I did my Student Teaching I told myself EVERYDAY that my children would go to Day Care that it was OBVIOUS those children that had and had not. Not that ALL of the ones that did not go were bad, but the majority was not in their favor. I am starting to see that BRATTY girl in Tatum. I hope that she does better than I do. Anyway so if any of you out there can send me strength tomorrow I would appreciate it, we will be dropping her off around 8am. I am making Andy go with me!

On baby news - we have narrowed the baby bedding down to 2 - what do you think ...

Zoom Zoom


kimmyk said...

sending good vibes your way for tomorrow!!!!

she'll be's the moms who never make it.

i like zoom zoom!!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm... i like both, but considering your love of nascar, i choose zoom zoom. :0)

Chris said...

I just caught up. Glad you did ok today. Of course you cried! I promise it gets easier! Lindsay loves school now and I really think she is so enriched there! Hang in there...those prego hormones don't make it any easier!
I like both baby beddings...I lean toward safari myself but robin has a point....zoom zoom might be more your speed...LOL, pun intended!

tommie said...

love the zoom zoom!! Just caught up from this week's stuff. I hope it can only get better.

Elleoz said...

Just catching up myself.

I vote for Zoom Zoom too! So cute! Josh's room was/is done in a fishing theme. But seeing as he is obsessed with trains and Cars it might be time for a change.