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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well I haven't posted in a while and I AM SORRY ... I really have NOTHING to talk about. The house is moving right along, the cabinet installation started on Friday ... they will continue Monday and then measure for the tops ... it is looking awesome! We added the salt system to the pool and it is looking great. We will have to recover the concrete and re coat the pool (ONE DAY) but that can't be done this year! Andy said today that he was jumping in at the end of work so I am headed back over there around 4 to catch it on camera! The pluming in the 2nd floor bathroom is approx 50% done and hopefully by next week they will be done with that! All the ceilings are complete, wait the bathroom isn't done, but it will be next week! Next in line is painting the rooms! I so hope that we are IN THE HOUSE and our now house is SOLD by the time ROBIN gets here ... her and Matt will be here in August and I can't wait!
On the day care news - things are going great! Tatum only cried on Tuesday when I dropped her off and it wasn't a HUGE cry just a little pout! She now has 4 teeth ... 2 on the bottom one out in the top and the other on the way ... and neither is her front one?! Weird! She is talking more and more everyday, but still just some GIBBERISH ... you wouldn't know by the way I talk to her ... I carry on FULL conversations with her ... hahah
Really that is IT ... it has been boring and busy at the same time, but a house busy that really not much to say!


kimmyk said...

sounds busy to me!!!
i'm glad that tatum is doing well at daycare. that's gotta be a huge relief i'm sure.

i can't wait to see pics of the updates to the house. how exciting!!!

i'm sure you're tired though huh? get your rest.

Anonymous said...

i'm exhausted & all we did today was replace a measley fence post & 16 slats! you guys are renovating an ENTIRE house! (which i can't wait to see, by the way!). can't wait to see progress pics!

i'm glad tatum's doing so well with daycare! :0)

Boom said...

DITTO...I can't wait to see the progress pics, too!!

Hooray for a smooth drop-off at daycare.

Chris said...

You KNOW your marriage is ROCK SOLID if you can renovate a house, have your other house up for sale AND be preggers at the same time!!!! Hang in there girl...a year from now you'll wonder how you did it all and you'll be SOOOOOOOOO glad it's over!
Need some new Tatum pics up about that? I bet she is jibber jabbering away. It won't be long before she's really talking a lot. YOU WAIT!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you and baby are doing well, girl!! Have a great day. :)

angela said...

Glad to hear that all is busy, but well! Hang in there!

angela said...

Glad to hear that all is busy, but well! Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

I totally understand "house busy" - like you don't have 3 seconds to sit down EVER, yet you have nothing to say when people ask "What have you been up to?" LOL!

Stacie said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see pics of all this work you guys are doing on the new place. Sounds like you've been ridiculously busy over there! Yay for Tatum adapting to daycare so quickly.