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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Call me Britany

Well I was at Babies *R Us yesterday buying a forward facing car seat (BTW how bad of a mommy am I?! She isn't 1 nor is she 22 lbs but we turned around yesterday?!) Anyway I was checking out with my 2 car seats ... one for Andy's car and one for mine and I had a box of #3 diapers and 2 boxes of NB diapers. The lady at the check out kinda looks at me, then continues to ring my items. The lady in line behind me says ... "do you have THAT many babies?" I say to her ... Well I have A 10 month old and another on the way. To which the nosey BITCH replies ... "Oh goodness ... you didn't figure it out the first time dear?!" I replied "well honestly it was all part of God's hand." Then I went to the car and cried.

R U serious ... back off lady! Why is it that strangers feel so FREE to say whatever they want to whom ever they want no matter the situation?! I should have told the witch that i had 5 at home and trips on the way. That would have shut her damn hole!

I have tried very hard to say to people that it was an "UNexpected BLESSING" that way they know we weren't "trying" and they know to shut the hell up! I really wish Andy had been with me, maybe then I would have been strong enough to tell the old hag to shove it up her arass!!!


The Partins said...

Next time someone says that to you just say, "What can I say, I'm so good in the sack I just couldn't keep him off of me." That'll shut em up! :-) haha.

kimmyk said...

when adam was about 2 months old no wait, he was 3 months old i found out i was pregnant for abbie. my kids are 12 months and 2.5 weeks apart...yeah so anyways, when people would say anything to know what i said?? this is what i said and feel free to use this even though it may or may not be true in your case, but anyways i told 'em..."yep, i'm a good catholic". cause y'know how them catholics like to pop them kids out!!! i hadn't really thought about it until I went to see my ob/gyn and she said that to me. That I was being a good Catholic. You know they don't believe in birth control or anything. Yeah no kidding. The doc I work for has 9 kids. That man? Great Catholic. Church should be proud. *snort*

Or tell the nosey bitches to bite it and go on with your bad ass pregnant self!

Anonymous said...

you should have just punched her in the face! ok, maybe not. but, still...who cares if you have 1 baby or's none of her business!!! i like the above comments, too! :0)

angela said...

I agree with Lori. People can be so rude. They just do not get it.

tommie said...

I totally agree with every one else! People can be so rude.
Find some smart a$$ remark and go with it.

Chris said...

Oh honey...I hate that she made you cry! What an idiot that lady was. Some people are so rude and the worst part is they have NO CLUE! Even if this little one was "unexpected" it's not like you didn't eventually WANT another one. It's just not up to us when it happens. For instance with Lindsay we tried two years to get prego with her! People said the most annoying stupid s@#$! "just relax and you'll get pregnant" that was my faveorite. Or "You're trying to hard" uh gee considering the effing odds of how much of a window there really is for everything to work in a month it's a miracle freakin' anyone gets pregnant. Can't tell you how many times I boo hoo'd over dumb a$$ comments like that from people. Anyway, my point is screw 'em. It's not their kid (THANK GOD) and none of their damn buisness. By this Christmas you'll wonder how you ever lived without either one of your precious babies!!!

Tasha said...

Sorry to hear that.

Kathy said...

I got pregnant when Maile was 10 months old and it WAS planned! Boo ya lady. My Mom had 6 kids and she said people have yelled at her about population control!! I don't know where they come off, but don't let it get to you. When all is said and done you are going to have two beautiful blessings in your life and she's still going to be at Babiesrus making people cry.

I'd rather be in your shoes. :)

Melanie said...

I like the comment by The Partins! hahaha!

Elleoz said...

Awww sweetie! I am sorry that old hag made you cry! If it were me I would definately come up with a glorious smart a$$ remark to shut people like that up. Unfortunately, it probably won't be the last time you hear it. I get it all the time.

God works in mysterious ways and won't give you more than you can handle. The unexpected things in life are often the ones most cherished.

You are in for one heck of a ride, but it can be a fun one :P They will grow up to be best friends and look out for each other.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to hearing about your adventure in mommyhood with 2 under 2!

Steph said...

People are stupid. BUT I have to send ya some info on the whole car seat deal- I am a child passenger safety tech with the Safe Kids Coalition at the Hospital here. So sweety- read this. I know you love your baby - soon to be babies- it is vital to have them protected the correct way. (((HUGS)) I also want you to know I do not think you are a bad mom for turning her around early- you just need more info on WHY to KEEP her rear facing. Steph- ps I moved my blog

Steph said...

One Year and 20 Pounds is the MINIMIUM Standard for Rear-Facing Car Seats
Babies should be in rear-facing car seats for at least one year and until they weigh at least 20 pounds, but that's really a minimum standard. Extended rear-facing, beyond one year and 20 pounds, has big safety advantages that parents should consider.
You've probably heard the one year/20 pounds advice from many sources, including your pediatrician, the car seat company and possibly your state's car seat law. Let's take a look at the reasons for keeping babies rear-facing in car seats, why you should never turn baby around early, and some reasons why you might want to delay the big turnaround.

Why Rear-Facing? Car seats are designed to absorb some crash forces and spread remaining crash forces over a larger area of the body. For adults, seat belts distribute the bulk of the force to the strongest parts of the body, the hips and shoulders.

Infants don't have many body parts that are strong enough to withstand crash forces, so the rear-facing car seat distributes the crash force along the entire back, neck and head, putting less stress on any one part of the body. The infant's head, which is large and heavy for a still delicate neck to support, is also better supported with a rear-facing car seat. The incidence of severe head and neck injuries for babies is greatly reduced in rear-facing car seats. The baby's "ride-down time," or the time it takes to come to a complete stop, is also lengthened, which reduces injuries by reducing the body trauma from a sudden stop.
The additional support plus the manner in which a rear-facing car seat "rides down" in a crash gives your baby the best chance for survival and less chance of injury in a crash. The simple way to estimate crash force is weight times speed. So a 10-pound baby in a 30 mph crash would experience 300 pounds of force. A rear-facing car seat spreads that 300 pounds of force over a greater body area, causing less injury to the baby.

My Baby Wants to Be Front-Facing! Even if your baby's legs are touching the seat back, or the baby cries when rear-facing, you should still keep baby rear-facing to at least one year and 20 pounds. Both requirements must be met before turning baby around. An 18-pound 14-month-old baby should rear-face because her body is not big enough to tolerate crash forces in a forward-facing car seat. Likewise, a 25-pound 10-month-old should remain rear-facing because his neck is not sufficiently developed to handle the crash forces while in a forward-facing car seat.

Many parents worry that their baby will suffer broken legs in a crash because baby's legs touch the seat back or look cramped when rear-facing. It's important to remember, though, that in a crash severe enough to break baby's legs, there would also be enough force to cause severe neck injuries if your young baby was forward-facing. While it's never fun to choose between injuries, the chance of full recovery is greater for broken legs than broken necks. Similarly, if your baby fusses while in a rear-facing car seat, it may seem easy to turn baby around to keep him or her happy. Again, though, you're choosing between a fussing baby or the chance of severe head, neck and spine injuries.

My Baby is One Year Old and 20 Pounds! Now What?
Technically, it's OK to turn your baby around now, but before you do, consider the safety benefits of extended rear-facing. Car seat safety advocates, along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommend that babies stay in a rear-facing car seat to the weight limit of the seat, or as long as possible. If your baby's car seat has a rear-facing weight limit of 30 pounds, these groups say you should keep baby rear-facing to 30 pounds. Some car seats have rear-facing weight limits up to 35 pounds, which can accomodate the average child through age 2 and maybe beyond. You should also check the manufacturer's rear-facing height limit to be sure baby is not too tall to safely stay rear-facing to the weight limit.

Why would you want to keep your child rear-facing? Crash data shows us that anybody is safer in a crash when riding rear-facing for the reasons we outlined above. Even though your baby's neck is now strong enough to withstand the forward-facing crash forces, he or she is still better protected in a rear-facing car seat because that seat still distributes the force over a greater body area and still gives better support to their young head and neck.

A forward-facing car seat is safe after one year AND 20 pounds, but a rear-facing car seat is safer. According to NHTSA, a rear-facing car seat is 71 percent safer than no restraint at all, and a forward-facing car seat is 54 percent safer than no restraint at all. Keeping your baby rear-facing to the limit of the seat is the safest choice. You can check your car seat instruction book or the labels on the car seat sides to find the rear-facing weight and height limits.