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Monday, April 30, 2007

Did my fatness induce my PUPPPS?

Do all overweight girls get stretch marks?!
I was overweight before I got preggo and I know that is my fault, but that is not the point here!
The point here is that I think I was already stretched to my limit before I got preggo, okay maybe not my limit, but I was pretty close! (most of you know I had 9 long months of timed sex before we actually got lucky) Now I am popping up with stretch mark after stretch mark. (I thought about taking a picture for proof, but with the rash and the stretch marks it is really really gross!) So the question here ... is the PUPPPS related to me being fat?! I haven't seen any evidence of that in the research I have done, but in every picture of the rash I have seen it has been on a overweight pregnant woman. So maybe I am on to something here! Second ... all of my skinny friends have avoided stretch marks by lubing up, I tried belly butter and it worked great up until the rash, which by the way is WORSE when moist. So now I try very hard to keep it dry and only use anti-itch cream when I absolutely think I am going to scratch my belly off ... or in this case scratch that baby right out of my skin!

Okay so is the PUPPPS related to me being fat, and do all overweight woman that get preggo get stretch marks?!
Just wondering!


Anonymous said...

Girl, i had and have stretch marks from hell. my belly looks like a damn road map. well, i did have a 10 pound beast of a child and all. i swear i felt as though my entire stomach would just burst with the weight of him in that last week! I tried cocoa butter which i heard helps but it didn't work for me!

KimmyK said...

Katie - well I guess it is not weight friendly then ... cause you are skinny I love your last blog the pics look great! Like you had a blast!

Labor Nurse said...

Do you know how many skinny girls get stretch marks??? LOTS! Don't let those hollywood pregnant bellies fool you.

Do you really have PUPPP or is your skin terribly itchy from stretching? Try some Sarna lotion. And take a benadryl at night (which is safe, but to make sure check with your doc).

may said...

i'm sorry, but i have no suggestions. i guess stretch mark is one of those "joys" of pregnancy. i remember having this reddish/blackish skin discoloration on my calf when i was pregnant and my OB told me it was nothing and will go away after i give birth. well, my second boy is 2 years old now. i still have that mark on my calf.

hang in there, and thanks for dropping by my blog :)

KimmyK said...

hey labor Nurse -
thanks for the response! - They took blood yesterday I get results on Thursday but the Dr said it lookes like PUPPS ... yuck!
um the Sarnia stuff burned my skin and the benyadryll keeps me awake ... i know I am weird! I have been taking Flax Seed oil and Dandalion root got that info from a mid wife?! Seems to help but who knows!
have been putting avenno anti itch cream on it about 8 times a day- haha

kimmyk said...

i always heard that the rash was related to hormone changes during pregnancy.

girl i had stretch marks before i birthed my kid (actually 15 years ago today-sigh-) and shiit. i still have 'em.

it's jamie's fault. and your hubby's fault.

if we weren't so damn sexy our men would keep their hands off of us...but whatcha gonna do?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kimmy K! :) it was a good time. those dates are VERY few and far between. i haven't seen a movie in ages either. :)

Chris said...

Well, it looks like you got some good comments. I think stretch marks are common for everyone with pregnancy. I could have died AFTER I gave birth and saw how bad they were but they are fading some. Try not to focus on them afterward either or it will make you nuts. Good luck with the relief and the blood work!

Roadkil said...

Ohio KimmyK has it right it is the mans fault as always.....If you all were NOT so good looking you wouldnt have a problem. The wife got them there stretch marks. I thing by now her stretch marks have stretch marks.

The Kept Woman said...

My understanding on the whole stretch mark thing is that it's genetic. I've heard people (even doctors) say that the cocoa butter thing is bunk and you're either genetically in line for them or your or not.

This still didn't stop me from rubbing cocoa butter all over my belly like I was greasing up a beach ball.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't overweight, and I got PUPPPS with my SECOND pregnancy, not my first like most women I've heard of. My first pregnancy I lathered myself with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E every day and night and still got two or three stretchmarks. (I was only 105lbs. to start off with.) With my second baby, I did the same thing and got pretty bad stretchmarks along with a really bad case of PUPPPS, so I don't think it has anything to do with being overweight. I think PUPPPS is just a hormonal thing and I don't think it matters how fat or skinny you are, I think it matters how elastic your skin is. My mom had twelve kids and I've had two and I have more stretchmarks than she does even after lathering myself day in and day out.