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Monday, April 16, 2007

30.5 Weeks

Well on Friday I will be 31 weeks ... and for some reason TIME SEEMS TO BE STANDING STILL. It has been moving so fast and now all of a sudden it is not. My friend Aundria and her mom got us a package to Prenatal Peek for a baby gift ... they got us a 2 part package ... the 1st pictures were posted here for week 20 and I wish I was neat like all of you and I could reference it, but I you are lucky I can do what I do ... so look back and find them if you want ... haha!

Anyway today was our second visit ... the 3D pictures are amazing I can't believe how much of the baby you can actually see ... I love it! As of Friday only 9 weeks left and I am sure I will be keeping you all well informed!

Say hello to Tatum:


kimmyk said...

OMG. What great photos!

Hello Tatum! Love her name!

Chris said...

She's adorable! I'll be curious to see which way you go with the name when she's here. I love them both.
Hi by the way. I found your blog thru Stephanie and I've been reminicing through you. My daughter was born June 20,2006. So you're where I was this time last year. Sorry to tell you this last part does slow down! I saw that you are having a hard time with daycares on your last comment on Stephanie's blog. We searched and searched as well. I finally found one that I didn't feel like crying when I left it. HA!ha! We've been very happy there so far. Lindsay will be ten months old on Friday and she's been there since she was 13 weeks. Good luck to you. If you want to see where you'll be this time next year check out my Lindsay. :)
Nice to meet ya.

tasha said...

omg, those are AWESOME! I wish I had the options for that type of sonogram when I was preggers.

Congrats! =)